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12 Layers of WishBoNe July 31, 2007

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I asked for it, so I’ll do this tag.

Layer 1: On the outside
Name: WishBoNe
Birth Date: 21st May (you going to send me gifts?)
Current Status: Sleepy
Eye Colour: Dark brown (me thinks)
Hair Colour: Brown

Layer 2: On the inside
My Heritage: Singaporean
My Fears: Lonely
My Weaknesses: I like to sleep
My Perfect Pizza: With lots of mushrooms to boot

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My First Thoughts of waking Up: I want more sleep.
My Bed Time: Got bed, blankie, bolster and pillow
My Most Missed Memories: Time with DD

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Neither (Too gassy for me)
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
Single or Group Dates: Group
Adidas or Nike: Either (Anyone buying for me?)
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappucino or coffee: Neither (How come no Latte?)

Layer 5: Do You..
Smoke: No way!
Curse: Curse then scold
Take A Shower: Everyday
Have A crush: Every time I see a hunk (my DD of course)
Go To School: Graduated
Want To Get Married: Let me see the ring first
Believe In Youself: Every time as long as I feel optimistic
Think You’re A Health Freak: Not really

Layer 6: In The Past
Drink Alcohol: Only when I want to try
Gone to the Mall: 3 days ago
Been on Stage: Once
Eaten Sushi: I like
Dyed Your Hair: Never

Layer 7: Have You Ever…
Played A Stripping Game: Can meh?
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: That would be terrible.

Layer 8: Are You Hoping To..
Get Married: Yes, very but I still want to see that ring first.

Layer 9: In A Boy
Best Eye Colour: Any will do
Best Hair Colour: Any will do
Short or Long Hair: Short

Layer 10: What You Were Doing
A Minute Ago: Trying to install a new sub domain
Hour Ago: Had dinner
Four And A Half Hours Ago: Just arrived home.
A Month Ago: How the heck do I recall?
A Year Ago: I think I was spending time with DD.

Layer 11: Finish The Sentences
I Love: Latte Combo
I Hate: Animal Torturers
I Hide: under my blankie
I Miss: my DD
I Need: to sleep now.

Layer 12: Tag 5 People

  1. SentosaGirl
  2. Kriscell
  3. Bill
  4. Xinyun
  5. Shanice


Do You Have Friends Who Are… Lesbians? July 19, 2007

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During lunch, the topic of lesbian came up when my colleague asked if I have such friends. No. Not that I know of, anyway. Her housemate had asked her the question because she felt she was being wooed by one of her colleagues. She asked my colleague to touch her. Her hand, I mean. She obliged. Her housemate said, she didn’t feel strange but when her colleague touched her, she felt tingly all over.

So, the questions started coming, how would she know that her colleague was one? Did she display anything that would be evidience to her sexuality? No. Her housemate had asked the colleague directly. Vehement denial. In this society, who would want to be ostracized?

This is a sensitive topic. While lesbians were not discussed recently, not that I have read recently, homsexuality was debated. An MP was asked to reflect on people’s views instead of being myopic. Although he wasn’t accused of being myopic directly.

This doctor pointed out her concerns of gay and homsexsual books that were easily available in North America next to the children’s section. At the same time voiced her reasons for educating her children in Singapore.

I wonder what will happen in future.

I Feel Unhealthy July 15, 2007

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We all need food. We have been told of the various types of information on fats, transfat, unsaturated, saturated, and lord knows what other terms. It seems an endless list of finding the best and healthiest food in the world.

We have the food pyramid and other diagrams to help us eat healthily but have we taken heed? There are so many junk foods like potato chips, yam chips, French Fries, etc. Often, the sinful foods beckon to us in a hypnotic way. We savour the taste of golden brown hash browns, toasted bread and many others. They taste so good, right? Except, it’s not healthy. Darn it, I like my bread toasted just slightly brown.

I’m getting fatter in the middle at this rate. Speaking of which, it’s been quite some time since I last exercise besides climbing the stairs.

Sleepy Weekend July 14, 2007

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Spent my weekend with DD. Took MC for Friday not because it was Friday the 13th but because I was just too tired from the lack of sleep by the nightly coughing. Thankfully, most of the tasks have been completed, I hope. I tried to make some pancakes from the pancake mix and it was terrible. The pancakes were out of shape. The 1st was out of shape and charred. 😥 I had tried at home and it was round. Maybe I’m not used to the pan. I made a few more and none of them turned out decent! Although, one looked heart-shaped. However, DD happily tore it into half.

No point taking photos of my mesh up pancakes. So sad. I didn’t know how to use a pan. I used a wok the last time. The pancakes turned out fine. I need more practice. DD made me some spaghettis, way better than the 1st time with them not so well cooked. Yummy. No photos either. I think Keropokman would have taken way much yummier photos of the meal than I would have.

Are SG Girls Materialistic? July 3, 2007

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A comment here states that Singaporean women are materialistic. I wonder if the progress of this country has made the women materialistic. It has often been in discussion that men and women are equal of some sorts. Women should be able to work and still clean the house after a hard day’s work while the men should be able to enjoy the warm home-cooked meal after a hard day’s work. Now that women are able to study, women should be doing what men does, here, men complete NS and so must the women too. Then they will not complain about sissy men and all.

Just last week, a colleague was stating the cost of his wedding, estimated to be 25k for the dinner itself. The cost of the flat and renovation have not been factored in yet. Why such a high cost? Parents prefer 9 course dinner. Hotels and restaurants charge peak rates for dinners held during the weekends. That’s where they rake in the money.

Although being a filthy rich guy may make you “hotter” than those handsome but poor guys, it doesn’t make sure the girl stays with you if you ain’t got the character. Mindsets here have not changed by leaps and bounds. Guys still have to pay for the majority of the wedding, it’s no wonder the marrying age is getting older and why girls are dating those old men with cash to spare. They don’t get married too old. That’s for some girls.

A materialistic girl is someone who will stay with that guy only when he can lavish gifts and expensive holiday trips on her. Once, he hits a low, expect her to disappear. This post, however, degrades the guy’s perspective.

The Water Tastes Awful July 3, 2007

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I’m sick. Urgh! Been drinking water since this morning. How I wished that I can stay at home and sleep the illness away. Unfortunately, I’ve limited MCs due to the contract. Thankfully, it isn’t that cold here or I really would need the doctor’s help.

Now my throat is dry and hurts when I swallow. The medicine for the cough helped a bit. I wonder how to stay awake when all I want to do now is sleep.

Now that I’ve drunk quite a lot of water, it tastes awful. Argh.

Worthy Links For 23 June 2007 June 23, 2007

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Some reads to feast on and enjoy.

  • For the surfers, can you beat the rats? The rats are way too cool.
  • Now, to earn some spare cash, perhaps Blogitive could be another option to try out. It says that you can earn at least $1500 per month. In USD?
  • Chinese shares seems to be falling. I wonder if the Olympics would actually help fuel the shares. Oh and I love the mascots. Pandas are cute.
  • Wondering if you are unimportant? Everyone will ignore you.
  • There’s a new food, not available here, definitely. It’s dick. And it’s yummy.
  • I’ve always loved animated gif.
  • I wonder if a map can be as colourful as Bruceville. Bruce reminds me of Bruce Lee.
  • Children learn from adults. They do what they see despite us telling them the opposite. Sad to see that negative things are being taught nowadays.

No Outside Food Allowed June 20, 2007

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Aunty from coffeeshop: No outside food allowed here. (pointed to the A4 sized paper on the pillar)

Me: Uh. (nodded head and continued my eating lunch)

The point was that I didn’t have anything to eat there. My colleagues were sick of the other coffeeshop that sold fried kway tiao and laksa. Only these two were decent enough to them. I had to buy something I could eat from the coffeeshop and lunched with them. It was either lunch alone or with them. I picked the latter.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t go to that coffeeshop but majority wins. I don’t mind buying packaged food but most places do not allow outside food. As if I would understand outside food in the first place. Is that even the correct term for it?

The funny thing is that we put “No outside food allowed in these premises.” Premise shows some “class” but “outside food” shows that we are literally translating it from 外来食物不准带进本咖啡店.

Can anyone suggest a better way to disallow food not sold by the vendors in the premise?

Worthy Links for 20 Jun 2007 June 20, 2007

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Worthy reads for today.

Them Pesk Ants! ARGH! June 18, 2007

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Ants are pesky. Some ants bite. There are many types of ants. I keep seeing them in my cubicle. Since the 1st day I started work. I didn’t bring in anything yet. However, since this is inherited cubicle, I can’t complain. There are others who don’t have their own desks and still have to work.

Today is the last straw. I shall have to use something that will repel the ants. The list here has a few things that are affordable and hopefully will reduce/eliminate this little crawlies sharing my desk.

Shall start with the baby powder first.

Next, have to find a way to repel mosquitoes.