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No Outside Food Allowed June 20, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Food and Drinks, Random Thoughts.

Aunty from coffeeshop: No outside food allowed here. (pointed to the A4 sized paper on the pillar)

Me: Uh. (nodded head and continued my eating lunch)

The point was that I didn’t have anything to eat there. My colleagues were sick of the other coffeeshop that sold fried kway tiao and laksa. Only these two were decent enough to them. I had to buy something I could eat from the coffeeshop and lunched with them. It was either lunch alone or with them. I picked the latter.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t go to that coffeeshop but majority wins. I don’t mind buying packaged food but most places do not allow outside food. As if I would understand outside food in the first place. Is that even the correct term for it?

The funny thing is that we put “No outside food allowed in these premises.” Premise shows some “class” but “outside food” shows that we are literally translating it from 外来食物不准带进本咖啡店.

Can anyone suggest a better way to disallow food not sold by the vendors in the premise?



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