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12 Layers of WishBoNe July 31, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Animals, Cats, Food and Drinks, Health and Fitness, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts, Relationships.

I asked for it, so I’ll do this tag.

Layer 1: On the outside
Name: WishBoNe
Birth Date: 21st May (you going to send me gifts?)
Current Status: Sleepy
Eye Colour: Dark brown (me thinks)
Hair Colour: Brown

Layer 2: On the inside
My Heritage: Singaporean
My Fears: Lonely
My Weaknesses: I like to sleep
My Perfect Pizza: With lots of mushrooms to boot

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My First Thoughts of waking Up: I want more sleep.
My Bed Time: Got bed, blankie, bolster and pillow
My Most Missed Memories: Time with DD

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Neither (Too gassy for me)
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
Single or Group Dates: Group
Adidas or Nike: Either (Anyone buying for me?)
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappucino or coffee: Neither (How come no Latte?)

Layer 5: Do You..
Smoke: No way!
Curse: Curse then scold
Take A Shower: Everyday
Have A crush: Every time I see a hunk (my DD of course)
Go To School: Graduated
Want To Get Married: Let me see the ring first
Believe In Youself: Every time as long as I feel optimistic
Think You’re A Health Freak: Not really

Layer 6: In The Past
Drink Alcohol: Only when I want to try
Gone to the Mall: 3 days ago
Been on Stage: Once
Eaten Sushi: I like
Dyed Your Hair: Never

Layer 7: Have You Ever…
Played A Stripping Game: Can meh?
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: That would be terrible.

Layer 8: Are You Hoping To..
Get Married: Yes, very but I still want to see that ring first.

Layer 9: In A Boy
Best Eye Colour: Any will do
Best Hair Colour: Any will do
Short or Long Hair: Short

Layer 10: What You Were Doing
A Minute Ago: Trying to install a new sub domain
Hour Ago: Had dinner
Four And A Half Hours Ago: Just arrived home.
A Month Ago: How the heck do I recall?
A Year Ago: I think I was spending time with DD.

Layer 11: Finish The Sentences
I Love: Latte Combo
I Hate: Animal Torturers
I Hide: under my blankie
I Miss: my DD
I Need: to sleep now.

Layer 12: Tag 5 People

  1. SentosaGirl
  2. Kriscell
  3. Bill
  4. Xinyun
  5. Shanice



1. jian - August 1, 2007

hahaha… your burthday passed d ler..
need to wait till next year lor XD haha

It seems like our part 4 are similar ^^
haha.. and i actually like Latte more too…

2. WishBoNe - August 1, 2007

Remember to give next year lor 😛

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4. jian - August 1, 2007

i just added you into the technorati train..

5. WishBoNe - August 1, 2007

Oh, thanks! 🙂

6. xinyun - August 2, 2007

tag noted~
but i’ve done this meme earlier, nvm will repost it 😀

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8. fitline - August 3, 2007

I totally agree with winnilicious if the people themselves are confused what to do then they must folow others in order to find the right track to follow.

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