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When Death Looms July 26, 2007

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Life is short. We have to die one day. It’s a matter of when. When we reach a stage of our lives, we stop to think of our past achievements and regrets. It is said that life’s too short for regrets. The doctor may be telling you that your heart is no longer functioning well and have a few months to leave.

At this stage, what would you be thinking? Marry as soon as possible? Just declare online that you are looking for a husband/wife? Give birth as soon as possible? Why do we delay in giving birth? Because we need to have enough money to even marry in the first place.

There are girls dying of aneroxia so that they can be thin. Skeleton thin. Scary. This cat is able to spend some time with you if you are dying soon. Wonder if it’s a good or bad thing.


My 10 Favourite Blogs July 16, 2007

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For those who read blogs or blog about anything, Mashable is celebrating blogging’s 10th birthday by requesting readers to list 10 favourite blogs. Blogging has been around for 10 years already? Gosh. Since I have more than 100 RSS feeds and I do share the posts that I like, let’s see if I can list my 10 favourite blogs. And please don’t kill me if you are not in the list. You are, however, in my daily feeds.

I present the list, not in order of merit.

  1. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! – Insightful posts on issues that are affecting everyone, the most recent on Lee Hong Yi’s breaking the chain of command by exposing himself as the whistle blower.
  2. Cuteoverload – Tewtelly cool kitteh, dawgs, turtles, mice, hedgehogs and much more. You can diee from the cute overloads.
  3. Stickgal – It may not be updated daily but then again, the wait is worth it.
  4. Letters to my kids – A father’s well-thought and meaningful letters for his kids. One of it on how to be sociable.
  5. What’s love got to do with it? – Thought provoking posts on relationships.
  6. Problogger – Valuable tips on surviving online and how to earn money online.
  7. Daily Blog Tips – Advice on blogging.
  8. Dilbert – Comic strip on work. Can relate to it.
  9. Working With Catwelfare Society – Sometimes, humans are the ones who are littering.
  10. Freelance Switch – Everything you need to know about freelancing.

Reading After a Long Hiatus July 11, 2007

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I have taken up reading again. Novels, short stories, mostly fiction. No, I didn’t visit the library. It has gotten worst. The kindergarten kids will scream, run, play and lord knows what as long as they can produce the loudest noise possible. Some parents will shout at them to quiet down. They do, for a minute and the ruckus starts again.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I rented a book from Sans Bookshop. It’s one of my favourite place because of the range of books available. The books are usually in good condition. The ones in the libray depends on luck. The cover are torn or one of the pages would be missing and the story just gets disrupted. I used to devour 8 books per week until my schedule got packed.

I missed reading. Although, this book was interesting at first, I got disrupted by the first and third person narration. The flow was there but the narration caught me off track a few times. Been quite some time since I did a book review. I used to do a book review in primary school because it was part of the homework. Everyone would get a few pieces of the paper with various designs and use any to submit the completed review. I had fun with all those designs. I had even more fun reading.

Nancy Drew was my first book. It got me hooked on detective series for a while. I went on to read The Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Enid Blyton series and many others. Looks like I shall have to manage my time better.

Are SG Girls Materialistic? July 3, 2007

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A comment here states that Singaporean women are materialistic. I wonder if the progress of this country has made the women materialistic. It has often been in discussion that men and women are equal of some sorts. Women should be able to work and still clean the house after a hard day’s work while the men should be able to enjoy the warm home-cooked meal after a hard day’s work. Now that women are able to study, women should be doing what men does, here, men complete NS and so must the women too. Then they will not complain about sissy men and all.

Just last week, a colleague was stating the cost of his wedding, estimated to be 25k for the dinner itself. The cost of the flat and renovation have not been factored in yet. Why such a high cost? Parents prefer 9 course dinner. Hotels and restaurants charge peak rates for dinners held during the weekends. That’s where they rake in the money.

Although being a filthy rich guy may make you “hotter” than those handsome but poor guys, it doesn’t make sure the girl stays with you if you ain’t got the character. Mindsets here have not changed by leaps and bounds. Guys still have to pay for the majority of the wedding, it’s no wonder the marrying age is getting older and why girls are dating those old men with cash to spare. They don’t get married too old. That’s for some girls.

A materialistic girl is someone who will stay with that guy only when he can lavish gifts and expensive holiday trips on her. Once, he hits a low, expect her to disappear. This post, however, degrades the guy’s perspective.

Worthy Links 30 Jun 2007 June 30, 2007

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Random reads for today.

6. Law of Temporal Variability

Time is not a constant. Time stops for the hero whenever he does something ‘cool’ or ‘impressive’. Time slows down when friends and lovers are being killed and speeds up whenever there is a fight.

  • Always wanted to find that sound you wanted to hear? This may be the solution for you.
  • For those who have writer’s block, these prompts may just be the cure to unblock it.

Worthy Links For 23 June 2007 June 23, 2007

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Some reads to feast on and enjoy.

  • For the surfers, can you beat the rats? The rats are way too cool.
  • Now, to earn some spare cash, perhaps Blogitive could be another option to try out. It says that you can earn at least $1500 per month. In USD?
  • Chinese shares seems to be falling. I wonder if the Olympics would actually help fuel the shares. Oh and I love the mascots. Pandas are cute.
  • Wondering if you are unimportant? Everyone will ignore you.
  • There’s a new food, not available here, definitely. It’s dick. And it’s yummy.
  • I’ve always loved animated gif.
  • I wonder if a map can be as colourful as Bruceville. Bruce reminds me of Bruce Lee.
  • Children learn from adults. They do what they see despite us telling them the opposite. Sad to see that negative things are being taught nowadays.

Short Life for Pretty Girl June 18, 2007

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A pretty teenage girl died from jumping. All because she wanted to join her friends but her mother didn’t allow her to leave the house. Another is on medication and enduring numerous operations on her spine. The first cost heartache, confusion and turmoil for her family.

The latter cost agony on herself, family and medical fees but she is alive. I don’t understand why they would insist on leaving the flat to join their friends. Do people care about “face” more than anything else nowadays? Maybe it wasn’t about “face” but about their freedom to do anything as they please.

Sadly, life comes with its own rules. We have to follow the country’s rules, family rules, school rules, work rules, community rules and a lot of other rules. Freedom is something to be earned and in order to keep it, we work hard on it.

Mothers prevent daughters from going out because they are afraid that they may get bullied or join bad friends in doing bad things. I know because I was preventing from going out a few times. I had curfews. I was supposed to return home by 10pm if I informed my mother that I was going out with my friends. If I still wasn’t back by 10pm, my handphone would ring and I would hear my mother asking where I was. I still get a such call from my parents sometimes.

I feel sad for the family of the girl who died from the jump in her attempt to join her friends. I feel sad that the outing that she and her friends had organised ended in tragedy. I feel even sadder that one could not understand the insistence of going out while the other at being balked at staying home.

Take it in Our Stride May 18, 2007

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When life throws us an obstacle, we moan, groan, complain. We throw tantrum and ask, “WHY ME?” Waiter Rant has given me something to think about. Two customers were talking about their family. A younger man, 40-ish, told the elder man about his doctor advice on not having children due to his wife’s age. The advice given by the elder man was that he take it in his stride after listening to the whole story.

We don’t have to conform to what everyone says; you must have children after marriage in order to be called a marriage. You have the money, so why not spend it on something useful? Take a luxury break with your spouse and enjoy life. Help the orphans. Donate to charities that you like.

An insightful post that kept me thinking about how my life is going and where it’s leading me to.

Top 5 Favourite Posts May 9, 2007

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Time for some link love. I did one about techie. Here, I’ll post top 5 of my favourite posts from day 1 and day 2 about the contest that is being held right now. Anyone can participate, the rules are here. The entry form (for faster processing) is here. Just post your Top 5 of anything that your blog is related to. 🙂

Day 2:

Day 1:

There, with more than 300 entries for the 2 days, it was pretty tough to select 5 of the favourite posts.

Lonely Chalet April 28, 2007

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I’m so tired. Having been away from Downtown East for quite a long time, there are renovations going on to build 5 new cinemas and shopping area. Frankly speaking, we’re getting so pampered these days that going on a chalet doesn’t really feel like chalet anymore. The relaxed away from the city doesn’t seem to have that feeling anymore. I thought going to the chalet meant going to the beach nearby and relax.  Just us and nature.

The upgraded chalet in block A is larger and more spacious than last time. An oven and bigger fridge has been included. A hot water flask and 4 cups for use. I wonder if the flask was provided years back.

So lonely, no one there now. I’m going back soon.