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Sing, Sing A Song~ July 21, 2007

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Went for a round of KTV with my friends last night. I’m still trying to recover from my cough. Although I’m a lot better now. It still comes at night sometimes. This time, it wasn’t my turn to just randomly select songs and let the rest sing. CD came in late because of work and she happily selected a lot of songs to be played. I was slightly hoarse from the singing. Got to know some new friends who gamely sung their hearts out with songs from Jay Zhou, Lin Junjie and a few others.

The best part was not the singing though. One of the highlights was noticing some chemistry going on. I wonder if there will be some fireworks in the coming weeks or months.


Insomnia July 20, 2007

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If you have suffered sleeplessness, you would understand Jian’s problem. I like his portrayal of how it is affecting his life with an image. I would suffer from it if I’m fretting about something that is affecting me. I haven’t been sleeping early these days despite having to wake up early to take the transport that would let me be in time for work.

There was once I woke up at 4am with this sudden plot of a story and I had to keep it in case I could use it. In fact, I would be able to use it once the site is launched. However, I’m having a writer’s block. Perhaps due the devastation that happened recently. It’s taking some time to reflect on my thoughts and my feelings have been moving in smaller waves than previously.

The person whom I want to see most is the one who matters a lot to me. The one whose opinion I value the most.

Do You Have Friends Who Are… Lesbians? July 19, 2007

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During lunch, the topic of lesbian came up when my colleague asked if I have such friends. No. Not that I know of, anyway. Her housemate had asked her the question because she felt she was being wooed by one of her colleagues. She asked my colleague to touch her. Her hand, I mean. She obliged. Her housemate said, she didn’t feel strange but when her colleague touched her, she felt tingly all over.

So, the questions started coming, how would she know that her colleague was one? Did she display anything that would be evidience to her sexuality? No. Her housemate had asked the colleague directly. Vehement denial. In this society, who would want to be ostracized?

This is a sensitive topic. While lesbians were not discussed recently, not that I have read recently, homsexuality was debated. An MP was asked to reflect on people’s views instead of being myopic. Although he wasn’t accused of being myopic directly.

This doctor pointed out her concerns of gay and homsexsual books that were easily available in North America next to the children’s section. At the same time voiced her reasons for educating her children in Singapore.

I wonder what will happen in future.

It Should Have Stopped but It Didn’t July 19, 2007

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That was uncalled for. I feel that I’m the one in the wrong when all I wanted to was to avoid blowing things out of proportion. It seems that I was doing it wrong. I have no mood to work and now I feel like curling up at home and crying my heart out.

I felt that the post was totally written out of pure hatred and emotional. There was no need to call anyone names but the label was too strong. The reaction was too strong and profanities were used. That was uncalled for. Even a ban was called for. That was insulting.

Even assumptions were drawn concluding that a “15-year-old” was sprouting it. Now, if that assumption was drawn, why did you continue to fuel yourself? Then wouldn’t you be the one who is immature?

I’m trying to cool things down but maybe I have done it wrong. However, it was not understood. Perhaps, I should stay away from that place from now on. Yes. I should.

Breakfast does not entice me right now.

Links for 18 Jul 2007 July 18, 2007

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Some random links that I like to share. Enjoy

This Golden Bikini of Hers (NSFW) July 18, 2007

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Now, I shouldn’t have clicked it. There was no warning! However, I guess the testostrone-filled boys will be very happy to see this pair of bikini. Wives, it should be good if your husband loves Star Wars. Drool on, boys.

Who is This LTA X? July 17, 2007

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The question now is who the heck is this LTA X? How did he get away without being named while the whistle-blower got his cover blown? It seems that there is no protection for the whistle-blower, in this case, the email was being sent to practically the whole of SAF. What if LTA X was not some princeling?

When Lee Hong Yi was born, a mother was barred from entering the nursery to visit her son. Wow, I didn’t know that. It must be cool to be the son of the PM, huh?

When the email was first put up in a SPH journalist’s blog, no less, the buzz around it started, with Hardwarezone being first to put in a thread that has since been removed. Pity. After a while, other blogs started putting up the said email with names being censored. The Online Citizen has rounded up the information on this case. Quite a feat.

The difference between Lee Hong Yi and Wee Shu Min is that Lee is focused on being public-spirited while Wee demonstrated her immaturity by dragging her father into the flame war. A compilation of blogs that have touched on the graffe can be found here.

I wonder how long this will last. As a final note, everyone may be talking about 2LT Lee’s email but why wasn’t LTA X punished and named?

My 10 Favourite Blogs July 16, 2007

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For those who read blogs or blog about anything, Mashable is celebrating blogging’s 10th birthday by requesting readers to list 10 favourite blogs. Blogging has been around for 10 years already? Gosh. Since I have more than 100 RSS feeds and I do share the posts that I like, let’s see if I can list my 10 favourite blogs. And please don’t kill me if you are not in the list. You are, however, in my daily feeds.

I present the list, not in order of merit.

  1. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! – Insightful posts on issues that are affecting everyone, the most recent on Lee Hong Yi’s breaking the chain of command by exposing himself as the whistle blower.
  2. Cuteoverload – Tewtelly cool kitteh, dawgs, turtles, mice, hedgehogs and much more. You can diee from the cute overloads.
  3. Stickgal – It may not be updated daily but then again, the wait is worth it.
  4. Letters to my kids – A father’s well-thought and meaningful letters for his kids. One of it on how to be sociable.
  5. What’s love got to do with it? – Thought provoking posts on relationships.
  6. Problogger – Valuable tips on surviving online and how to earn money online.
  7. Daily Blog Tips – Advice on blogging.
  8. Dilbert – Comic strip on work. Can relate to it.
  9. Working With Catwelfare Society – Sometimes, humans are the ones who are littering.
  10. Freelance Switch – Everything you need to know about freelancing.

I Feel Unhealthy July 15, 2007

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We all need food. We have been told of the various types of information on fats, transfat, unsaturated, saturated, and lord knows what other terms. It seems an endless list of finding the best and healthiest food in the world.

We have the food pyramid and other diagrams to help us eat healthily but have we taken heed? There are so many junk foods like potato chips, yam chips, French Fries, etc. Often, the sinful foods beckon to us in a hypnotic way. We savour the taste of golden brown hash browns, toasted bread and many others. They taste so good, right? Except, it’s not healthy. Darn it, I like my bread toasted just slightly brown.

I’m getting fatter in the middle at this rate. Speaking of which, it’s been quite some time since I last exercise besides climbing the stairs.

Sleepy Weekend July 14, 2007

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Spent my weekend with DD. Took MC for Friday not because it was Friday the 13th but because I was just too tired from the lack of sleep by the nightly coughing. Thankfully, most of the tasks have been completed, I hope. I tried to make some pancakes from the pancake mix and it was terrible. The pancakes were out of shape. The 1st was out of shape and charred. 😥 I had tried at home and it was round. Maybe I’m not used to the pan. I made a few more and none of them turned out decent! Although, one looked heart-shaped. However, DD happily tore it into half.

No point taking photos of my mesh up pancakes. So sad. I didn’t know how to use a pan. I used a wok the last time. The pancakes turned out fine. I need more practice. DD made me some spaghettis, way better than the 1st time with them not so well cooked. Yummy. No photos either. I think Keropokman would have taken way much yummier photos of the meal than I would have.