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She Died Because of Fake Harry Potter Spoilers July 22, 2007

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This young girl committed suicide after discovering that she had read the spoilers in vain. They were fake. How sad. For a book about magic and witchcraft, it certainly has collected much controversy, spoilers and lord knows what else along the way. Why would one want to post spoilers? For fame or for getting more hits on the site about fake information?

When the first book was published, it didn’t garner that much fans and strong support for an unknown author. By the time the 3rd book was published, it had gathered quite an amazing amount of fans for the author and fans started to display their love for Harry Potter and his friends. Nit-picking started too. I guess it was to be expected. I still remember when The Da Vinci Code was published, Dan Brown received much flake from the parties mentioned in th book despite it being fiction. Well, someone told me that there was one part that was based on a true story except no one knows which part and that started the controversy.

My, my, I dedicated a paragraph to something not related to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows. How did I get there? Oh well, let’s get back to it, shall we? Sometimes, we don’t know why certain things are being done. We just read things online and assume they are true. However, Snopes, Hoax Busters, The Museum of Hoaxes and Common Email Hoaxes, just to name a few, allow us to double check again on the information that are found online.

I wonder if there would be another series that would gather such a huge following like J. R. Rowling.


Reading After a Long Hiatus July 11, 2007

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I have taken up reading again. Novels, short stories, mostly fiction. No, I didn’t visit the library. It has gotten worst. The kindergarten kids will scream, run, play and lord knows what as long as they can produce the loudest noise possible. Some parents will shout at them to quiet down. They do, for a minute and the ruckus starts again.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I rented a book from Sans Bookshop. It’s one of my favourite place because of the range of books available. The books are usually in good condition. The ones in the libray depends on luck. The cover are torn or one of the pages would be missing and the story just gets disrupted. I used to devour 8 books per week until my schedule got packed.

I missed reading. Although, this book was interesting at first, I got disrupted by the first and third person narration. The flow was there but the narration caught me off track a few times. Been quite some time since I did a book review. I used to do a book review in primary school because it was part of the homework. Everyone would get a few pieces of the paper with various designs and use any to submit the completed review. I had fun with all those designs. I had even more fun reading.

Nancy Drew was my first book. It got me hooked on detective series for a while. I went on to read The Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Enid Blyton series and many others. Looks like I shall have to manage my time better.

Worthy Link for 6 Jul 2007 July 6, 2007

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As opposed to Sicarii’s hypothesis that only “popular” bloggers are being read, I shall post some links here that I read because of the catchy title and the partial text that is available.

I Think Too Much June 21, 2007

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I think too much. It’s not healthy. I overthink mostly and perhaps that’s affecting my performance at work. For designers, it’s also not good because it affects the end result of the design.

The studies show that women tend to overthink and the tendency towards alcholism is high. Not good.

Overthinking contributes to severe depression and anxiety — especially in women — and interferes with good problem-solving.

No wonder my problem-solving skills have plummeted to the Grand Canyons. Just look at my Twitter. Tsk. Tsk. I’m practically flooding the page! Although I’m not the only one who’s thinking too much, still, it’s not good. Perhaps this book is good for me.

This image might describe myself right now.

Quick! Sign my Autograph Book! June 15, 2007

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When I graduated, someone passed me a book, an autograph book to put in my peoms or wishes in it. I could pick any page to put it in and used that page. No limits. The only limit was that I had a blue and black pen. I didn’t have other colours to beautify that page that stated that I had autographed it. Somehow, I managed, abeit simple because I’m not artistic neither am I creative. All my words were limited to “Great to have you as my friend!”, “Study hard!”, “Stay funky!”, etc.

Later through the years, that tradition died. I never saw anyone pass me anything to write and neither did I. The blank beautiful books were expensive, they still are. I didn’t have the fortune of owning 5 or 10 to keep.

I wonder where did I keep the ones I had.

Obscene Comic Sold in Book Fair June 6, 2007

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Times Bookshop issued a letter of apologies to the authorities recently. An adult said that she was “really shocked. There are suggestively drawn frontal nudity graphics, showing women’s breasts and men’s private parts. The book shows how kids could make money by producing their own porn.”

The news on Channel U showed a comic book with a busty lady with all her private parts covered. So, what was wrong with that comic despite being shrink-wrapped and with a warning label on it? It was wrong to be sold in the Book Fair at Suntec, that’s all. It was also wrong to let the kids know that they can make their own porn too. Channel News Asia has the story covered here.

I thought our local authorities are stringent with the imports of such books. How did the comics ended up in the shelves of major bookstores? Censorship is so tight here, so how did it slip? The books are definite best selling since some have run out of stock. Aye, shows how deprived of sexual contents we are, aren’t we?

Science books have changed a lot since I studied primary school. The human reproduction is drawn with all the parts named so that the children would know and understand the human body. Seems that such diagrams are allowed. So how do we know how much sexual content can be contained in any book?

While we are allowed diagrams on the human reproduction system, no other visualisations are allowed. The changes in the biology books for secondary have been changed too. Debates such as abstinence from sex and the way to protect girls from being young mothers have been raised but there has been no real conclusion. Perhaps we’ll be still debating this. Pre-marital sex is still not acceptable.

Others have argued that if we don’t know how the partner does in bed before marriage, then when we marry, we don’t enjoy, how? Provoking thought but if sex is all we want, then why marry? To be official to have it?

Update: I must be using the wrong analogy here by comparing biology books against porn. I re-iterate, how did that comic book slip through the relevant authorities though?

UNSW Closed May 25, 2007

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It’s a pity that University of New South Wales (Australia) decided to pull out of its venture in Singapore. However, I’m truly shocked that the students here pay the same amount as their students on their homeland. $26k to $29k is no small amount to be cough up every year. Despite that they get scholarships to study in Sydney for the affected students, it still does not include lodging, food and transport. These are basic needs.

Their reputation is truly affected because they have decided to pull out abruptly in just 3 months. Even the lecturers who have uprooted to come here to teach are affected. The consequence is not just the 148 students, the teachers and the students’ families are also affected.

The moral of the story is, take up a course when it’s been here for more than 3 years. So, you won’t have to be uprooted only to be told that you have to uproot again.

What’s Going On? May 22, 2007

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There’s a severe communication breakdown. I don’t understand why certain things that was requested, I gave but the most important party never received. I had a call this afternoon from the tuition agency and the lady claimed that I didn’t give them anything. I thought everything was to go through one person and that was the tuition coordinator?

So all these 2 months I thought wrong. What went wrong? I don’t want to figure that out. All I know is that the coordinator did not do her job well. She told me nothing that would get me my pay. All I know is that every month, they’ll get a cut from the pay and the student is supposed to get an online account to access the papers. However, the mother didn’t know anything. It was the 2nd time I have told her. I guess the mother does not have good memory.

I truly wonder why the heck do I have to give them an amount every month. Other agencies get the 50% in the first month and the money goes to the tutor from the 2nd month onwards directly. Why is there a big round just to get my pay?

I only want to help the student and earn something extra. I’m not going anywhere. Why can’t I get the money from the student’s parents and pay them the amount instead? Why can’t I make life easier? Why…. Never mind. I just don’t want to be cheated. If I get cheated, I will announce to the whole wide world. Don’t you worry.

Is a Degree That Important? May 14, 2007

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Sweet 18 is being re-run on Sundays. The recent episode showed Jung-shook being called to attend Hyuk-joon’s university reunion dinner. Jung-shook was asked immediately which university she had graduated from. She felt that it would be a lost of face if she told them she wasn’t from one and started a story of being a graduate in an Italian university. However, she was nearly caught when being forced to sing an Italian song on the stage.

Hyuk-joon rescued her by singing a song of his own. This made Jung-shook’s affection for him grow further. At the end of the reunion, Hyuk-joon said he would forget the fact that she lied about her academic credentials. Jung-shook was upset because he could have told the audience the truth instead of helping her when she told him the reason.

[via Photobucket uploaded by Rilank] This episode reminds me of why we study so hard for a degree but forget that others may not have the fortune to even get a degree. We look down on those who don’t have one. We have always held the thinking that by holding a degree, we’d get a good paying job. All we want is to be able to eat 3 meals a day and have a roof over our heads.

Holding a degree doesn’t necessary mean that we are clever. We are just book-smart. Can we survive the office politics? Can we be street-smart? Are those rich entrepreneurs degree holders?

The place where we live in tell others that we are rich or middle-income or poor. The job that we are holding tells others what our income level is. If we are rich, we are admired. If we are poor, we are pitied. What kind of lives are we living?

Almost Had It March 26, 2007

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I received a call from someone asking if I was able to take up a tuition assignment. No introduction from where she was calling from or who she was. I was stunned in the 1st 5 seconds before recovering my wits to ask her what subjects and the level I was supposed to tutor. I agreed to take it up since it’s twice a week although the pay was little. I had to earn something, hadn’t I?

She said she’d get back to me. She called me back in 5 minutes saying, “Hi, it’s me again.” Yea but I was thinking who are you? Never introduce yourself. It’s rude. The parent wanted fixed mornings and was unable to accept evenings. Oh well, it was fine by me. Maybe she needed a full time tutor instead.

On reflection, maybe she was not trained to be a tuition coordinator. On the other hand, maybe I should take up tuition coordinator as my part time. I would be having 2 part time jobs and earn some cash. Maybe not since I like giving tuition instead of calling the parent and tutor back and forth.