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He Should Be Castrated! July 23, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Relationships.

I believe this guy needs a huge beating in the head and castrated. He got off scot-free after the case was dismissed because no one understood his language. What in the world is the judge doing? Perhaps the girl will grow up and take her revenge but she ends up in jail because she may kill him in future? Does such drastic measures have to be taken so that something will be done?

She is scared for life because of his hideous act. She won’t be able to maintain any proper relationships because of him. She may be harbouring suicide thoughts because of it. She will fear all males because of him. She will resent the law because no one helped her. He is free to terrorise some other young girls because of it. Can someone post a photo of him so that everyone will keep a look out for this terror?

Update: Found the news that has a photo of this guy. The young girl is a relative. He must not get away scot-free. I think he could be faking his weak understanding of English.



1. xinyun - July 23, 2007

a beating + getting rape by other inmates + castrated would be a good start. probably send him back to Africa and ban him from traveling.

2. Lucretius - July 23, 2007

I tried searching for his pic but no result 😦

3. WishBoNe - July 23, 2007

Nah, sent him to cold Alaska or North Pole then cannot stand that thing up. Cool, right?

Let’s see if someone will post his photos up. I’m sure he will be plastered all over the net because what he did was despicable.

4. xinyun - July 23, 2007


workable, or send him to north pole and then pour water on ‘it’, let it freeze and break off :X

5. WishBoNe - July 23, 2007

Break off from the frost-bite. I doubt he’ll feel the pain but after that, he will 👿

6. xinyun - July 23, 2007


yeap, he deserve it anyway.

well since now there’s no actual punishment, hope he gets AIDS or something and die of a slow and painful death.

7. Lucretius - July 23, 2007

and they say ..women are …. nevermind

8. xinyun - July 23, 2007


hehe 😛

9. WishBoNe - July 23, 2007

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? 😛 Think about it this way, what if you were the girl? Or the parent of the girl? Do you want justice?

10. DK - July 23, 2007

Wah… u all very scary leh. So many scary torture methods. hahaha

11. Lucretius - July 23, 2007

yup sure do, but we all know Laws are partial. No spaces for injustices or emotions.

and that is something none of us are able to tolerate because to one might find a certain punishment is fair but to others might not.

We condemned murderers but we have not forgotten they went once after all , a child before. Who are we in position to judge even in the beginning.

We definitely want justice. Who doesnt?
But we cannot do anything cause this society forbidden us to..

Shrug … The worse thing is, even the girl had grown up and take revenge on him. She will still received punishment as long as she get caught. Cause no one can take law under our own hand..

Life is definitely sucky in that aspect.
So what one must do is to take revenge still
but make sure the authorities have nothing to hold against you.

12. WishBoNe - July 23, 2007

So, don’t mess with us 😀

The law has been written such that we shouldn’t be taking it into our hands without a proper trial. The girl may grow up and take her revenge but she may get caught for doing it while he is the victim. Aye, that’s why Lady Justice has a cloth covering her face with a balance in her hand.

13. pubed - July 24, 2007

dumb laws they have… but any spare $ they got, they’d rather use it to satisfy their needs.

14. WishBoNe - July 24, 2007

Laws are written by humans and they have not foreseen anything that this guy has manipulated. I guess a lot of people are cursing the guy now.

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