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She Died Because of Fake Harry Potter Spoilers July 22, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Books, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets.

This young girl committed suicide after discovering that she had read the spoilers in vain. They were fake. How sad. For a book about magic and witchcraft, it certainly has collected much controversy, spoilers and lord knows what else along the way. Why would one want to post spoilers? For fame or for getting more hits on the site about fake information?

When the first book was published, it didn’t garner that much fans and strong support for an unknown author. By the time the 3rd book was published, it had gathered quite an amazing amount of fans for the author and fans started to display their love for Harry Potter and his friends. Nit-picking started too. I guess it was to be expected. I still remember when The Da Vinci Code was published, Dan Brown received much flake from the parties mentioned in th book despite it being fiction. Well, someone told me that there was one part that was based on a true story except no one knows which part and that started the controversy.

My, my, I dedicated a paragraph to something not related to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows. How did I get there? Oh well, let’s get back to it, shall we? Sometimes, we don’t know why certain things are being done. We just read things online and assume they are true. However, Snopes, Hoax Busters, The Museum of Hoaxes and Common Email Hoaxes, just to name a few, allow us to double check again on the information that are found online.

I wonder if there would be another series that would gather such a huge following like J. R. Rowling.



1. arzhou (adrian) - July 22, 2007

Wow… that’s scary. To think most ppl just get pissed or annoyed should someone tell them a spoiler to a story or RPG.

2. WishBoNe - July 22, 2007

That was scary for me. I was “Woah!” While someone else was totally pissed and blogged it for the world.

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4. pubed - July 22, 2007

lol. girl’s nuts…

5. Sicarii - July 22, 2007

The Harry Potter series is brainwashing children and adults alike the world over, and is unhealthy. Kids reading about the dark arts, dabbling in witchcraft, and learning a world where there are no absolutes in morals.

I don’t have a single book from the series, nor plan to get any.

6. WishBoNe - July 22, 2007

What a waste. Make her family and friends feel sad.

I don’t read too much into the stories since to me, it’s fiction. Issues or incidents that happen in the real world are often the inspiration for movies, dramas and stories. Perhaps, sometimes the incidents are too close for comfort that it makes some people hate the book with a passion.

7. Pedro Morgado - July 22, 2007
8. WishBoNe - July 22, 2007

Praying for a character in a book. Gee. I don’t know what to think. 😀

9. incywincy - July 22, 2007

wow. im glad i dint take it that far. lol. whatever it is, im glad its fake 🙂

10. WishBoNe - July 22, 2007

It caused quite a huge mayhem. For something that’s online, it became personal. For a book, it caused quite a stir. Passion for something do make us blind to ourselves sometimes.

11. Pat Law - July 23, 2007

I pity her parents.

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13. WishBoNe - July 23, 2007

I do feel sad for her and her parents too.

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