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Who is This LTA X? July 17, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Technology and Gadgets.

The question now is who the heck is this LTA X? How did he get away without being named while the whistle-blower got his cover blown? It seems that there is no protection for the whistle-blower, in this case, the email was being sent to practically the whole of SAF. What if LTA X was not some princeling?

When Lee Hong Yi was born, a mother was barred from entering the nursery to visit her son. Wow, I didn’t know that. It must be cool to be the son of the PM, huh?

When the email was first put up in a SPH journalist’s blog, no less, the buzz around it started, with Hardwarezone being first to put in a thread that has since been removed. Pity. After a while, other blogs started putting up the said email with names being censored. The Online Citizen has rounded up the information on this case. Quite a feat.

The difference between Lee Hong Yi and Wee Shu Min is that Lee is focused on being public-spirited while Wee demonstrated her immaturity by dragging her father into the flame war. A compilation of blogs that have touched on the graffe can be found here.

I wonder how long this will last. As a final note, everyone may be talking about 2LT Lee’s email but why wasn’t LTA X punished and named?



1. DK - July 17, 2007

I thought they said they will charge LTA X in Military court? Name the person? Quite unlikely.

2. WishBoNe - July 17, 2007

Life’s so unfair. Oh well, that guy deserved it.

3. brennan - July 17, 2007

The mother didn’t mind. The question is – what if LKY picked up the wrong baby to cuddle?

4. WishBoNe - July 17, 2007

A huge hoo ha will be created when the DNA matching come about :mrgreen:

5. Yee Hung - July 17, 2007

Will it help anything to name LTA X? Condemn the sin but not the sinner.

He definitely will be punished, and very severely – and his military career is as good as gone. While his actions are condemnable, I have no doubt he will be punished disproportionately harshly to set an example.

Why not ask: What about LTA X’s side of the story? Just because he (or his dad) is a big shot, does that mean it doesn’t matter? Why is everyone focusing on just LHY’s side?

6. WishBoNe - July 17, 2007

@Yee Hung
Your 1st question was rather thought provoking. The impression given was that he didn’t care what his actions would cost him. However, what was it that was so important that he had to AWOL instead of explaining his difficulties? Would he be looked upon as weak?

My guess is that why everyone is focusing on LHY is because of his status. Or there could be other reasons.

7. ET - July 17, 2007

Alot of people have blamed Lee Hongyi for destroying the career of a regular officer. I beg to differ, being an ex-civil servant myself.

The very minute you do something against the rules, you have already endangered your own ricebowl. Blame nobody, but yourself. One should be mentally prepared to be taken to task, unless you are abusing the loopholes in the system. It’s going to be a talking issue for the longest time we can imagine. It’s interesting to note though… Lee wasn’t charge for “falsifying report” but ” failure to observe chain of command”. Mindef’s “no comments” is as good as… Yes, what Lee said was true and it was the way he described.

The fact that alot of blogposts disgust me, is mainly because they are unable to see beyond the picture and conveniently chose Lee Hongyi to slam, just because he is PM Lee’s son. In their mind, there is no right or wrong, as long as you are related to PM Lee, you are wrong wrong wrong. That’s how screwed their brains are – honestly.

8. WishBoNe - July 17, 2007

I admire Lee’s courage in bringing it all out to everyone in the email despite jumping the chain of command. One of the bloggers had asked “What if he didn’t? He did bring it up to those who were supposed to be handling the AWOL case. But they did nothing.” So, it goes to say that one has to have strong backgrounds or guts in order to tell everyone that something hadn’t been done when it should have been.

9. Harro! - July 17, 2007

Hong Li actions are self-serving. He could easily get the other officer investigated without the publicity. Looks like the balls were passed to him, and the brains were optional.

I would like to see the day when he gets involved in charity, helping the poor, clean up the flats of the elderly. etc…

10. Simon Teh - July 17, 2007

Hey people why are u looking at the actions and not the contents. To me his mail has compromised secuirty as places were named and what they do.

I know that our rules is that information should be given only on a need to know basis and now we have a person relating places and the activities. If there is any terriorist out there they will have added 2 more targets to their list due to this leak.

Why wasn’t the OSA thrown on this guy for revealing state secrets?

We have only heard one side of the story and it could be a case LHY having an axe to grind for some reason bearing in mind that this AWOLee is his immediate superior. But this will only be known if the court martial is reported by the press (think it is a close door hearing, i might be wrong)

As an NSF I will not want to be led by such a chracter in war as he can always overturn ground rules as he deems right even though my general says do it this way.

11. WishBoNe - July 18, 2007

We only see them doing such things near the election period. I would want to see them doing it not only during that period. Not for show. But for the people.

The focus on the actions could be due to the fact that no one has ever done such an action before. Yes, despite the names of the camps or whatever sensitive names were blanked out, there is a compromise on the security but this leak has touched on a cord of those who have experienced it before. They just didn’t want to jeopardise their lives because nothing would have been done.

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