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Inconsiderate Man Taking Up Space in MRT July 6, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Transport, Travel.

I’m not one who would take photos of anyone on the whim of my fancy. In fact, this guy managed to make me fume with anger to take photos of him. I was on my way home and as usual, the train was packed and when the doors opened, I saw him sitting at the side without a care in the world. Since I didn’t want to crush any bones of mine during the movement or stopping or sudden stops, I went to the available space that was just next to him.

The train started moving. During a stop, there was someone who was moving past me to alight and I accidentally stepped on the guy-who-was-on-the-floor with his hand as support. When you are sitting down, unless the train jerks to a stop, you don’t need your hand as support, right? He needed it all the time and use the dirty hand that had touched the god knows how many germs had been collected all day floor and tapped on my foot to make me look at him. He was indignant that I apologised to him for stepping on his hand.

Hand on floor to support [via Dopod 838Pro]

I didn’t care as I was busy nursing my cough. Be thankful that I didn’t make your hands bleed profusely. If you don’t want your precious hand to be stepped on, don’t put it there and don’t sit down in a crowded train just because you are tired la! Use your brains lor! You got one, right? There were so many people in the train and you want a seat all the way to your stop by blocking the rest who are also trying to get home as fast as possible too. So, be considerate can or not?

Legs Stretched [via Dopod 838Pro]

Ironically, I managed to take a sit so that I could capture his actions. This is another addition to my pet peeves on people who don’t even know how to take a simple train ride besides preventing you from boarding it.



1. kriscell - July 7, 2007

If I am you I would have just step/kick him. People like that need to be taught a lesson the old fashion way.

2. pubed - July 7, 2007

send to stomp!

3. katak - July 7, 2007

Another FT I assume ?

4. Cloudywind - July 7, 2007

omg… such an idiot! I will DEFINITELY step on him “accidentally”!

5. WishBoNe - July 7, 2007

I did step on him but it wasn’t that hard to make him see a doctor, later I have to pay for his medical bills, how?

Nah, Stomp has too many such photos. 😀

Not sure but I ain’t happy that he felt he had to the rights to earn an apology from me.

It was an accident but I didn’t want him to touch any part of me again and later follow me home. That would be scary.

6. kriscell - July 7, 2007

Just kick till he KO lor! But just joking only lar dun really go kick if not he later fight back

7. WishBoNe - July 7, 2007

I’m not going to endanger myself, don’t worry :mrgreen: I’m sure he will get his just desserts later. He just wait.

8. xinyun - July 9, 2007

mmm i would probably just step on him until he gets fedup 😀


9. WishBoNe - July 10, 2007

That’s evil but I think he wasn’t right in the mind and I still value my life although I would dearly love to kick him out of the doors except he was sitting on the side that wouldn’t open after that station.

10. furfur angel - July 11, 2007

look at the colour, what do you think

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