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It’s Natural to Step Back June 28, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

Going to work early everyday can be taxing but I still have work because it’s the only way to gain some fixed income every month instead of waiting for blogging income. I don’t get any here. I can if I want to but I prefer the pressure to come from work rather than blogging, so it’s best to stay this way.

I was buying some bread when some lady was trying to get to the tray at the cashier, so she tried to cut through me. If I could shrink myself, I would. I was queueing to pay for my bread and had to step back. The aunty behind frowned and tsked at me loudly when I stepped accidentally on her toes. I apologised. Frankly speaking, I was already moving back and you should have moved more towards the right than blocking the entrance on the left so that everyone else could move, right?

I don’t understand why the lady had cut from right to left either. My natural reaction is to move back if someone in front moves back so that my precious toes won’t get stepped on. High heels can do their worst. I don’t want to risk losing my toe nail again.

Today, I needed a laugh. This provided it. As stated, parents, grandparents, whoever, please note that it is totally wrong for kids to do it. And, the owner, please change the spacing or your advertiser. They can’t even do it right.

Forget the unpleasant incident, it’s going to be Friday soon and weekends are meant to be enjoyed. Er, provided you work 5-weekday week.



1. Sicarii - June 28, 2007

Oh well, some women can be the most inconsiderate people on earth, just because they know they can.

Man v Woman in public: Man always loses, unfortunately. You can’t beat a woman in any argument in public. Even if she’s on the losing end, all she has to do is cry, and you’ve lost.

2. WishBoNe - June 28, 2007

Isn’t that a bit sexist? My impression of the aunty is that she feels that she is older than me and I should apologise which I did but she didn’t appreciate it. So, what else did she want?

I was avoiding something in front, either she couldn’t see or she felt that I should shrink myself so the other lady could cut through and not step back so as to avoid stepping on her (aunty) toes.

3. malique - June 28, 2007

that aunty is a b*%!$ leh!

got the cheek to do a loud “Tsk” summore!

glad u had a good laugh 🙂

4. WishBoNe - June 28, 2007

Ah, your description of the aunty is so apt. 😀 Do post more such interesting pictures.

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