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3 Times I Failed to Get A Slot June 25, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Health and Fitness, Random Thoughts.

Utterly disappointed and frustrated and whatever bad feelings towards True Spa has increased. First, I had to change my date to another week, the lady supposed to be in charge of our package did not reply. Second, I attempted to book directly via the phone with their staff. The booking failed because I was booking more than a week in advance. Third, I tried again this evening. The slot failed to be opened again.

Three times. 3. Bloody. Times. I should write a complain letter to the CEO or whoever is on top of it. I want a refund.



1. Lianne - August 4, 2008

Got your refund yet? You might be interested in meeting more people who want refunds, they (including me) have been writing reviews on yebber.com. I also wrote this one: http://www.blurbme.com/find/place.php?leId=11245

Hope your other spa experiences were better. Then again, really; it’s hard to get worse than the trash True Spa gives. I wouldn’t go through it if you paid me.

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