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My Internship Sucked June 24, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Friendship, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Studies.

I did my internship programme years back. It was where I first met a new friend from the same school and the time spent there was less torturing. We were supposed to get some working experience so that we would be prepared for the real working world. We agreed on one thing, the company was lousy was had totally no experience related to our studies or modules.

We were doing administrative stuff more than anything that was remotely related to our course of studies. All I remembered was that we had to shred paper which were tons and thus both of us decided to do it together. The accountant, on the other hand was concerned that we would be talking more than working. She complained to our lecturer who was supposed to take care of us. I forget what the role was, facilitator? Never mind, it’s not important.

He spoke to us and wanted to know our side of the story. We told him what the problem was and felt that we were being bullied. Heck, our hardship can’t be compared to those who were underpaid and hoodwinked into applying something they had expected but it wasn’t true. The irony was that the ladies in the small office did more talking than us and expected us to be focusing on the work?

When we finally completed the internship, we were both elated to be back in school. The internship only taught us something, the school tied up with companies that looked for them. They did not match us to the related fields we were studying. The companies usually pay the lowest amount and we were paid $300 per month and when I hear of anyone complaining about their $500 per month, I said, “I was paid $300 per month, the minimum amount required and did all those shit. You get to surf the net every time while I don’t.” That shut them up.

Moral of the story is, network with those companies that you wished to work for and their pay is definitely more acceptable than those who are out to exploit students.



1. mr. simplicity - June 24, 2007

I got posted to Siemens Pte Ltd for my internship. Guess what they paid me $600 per month for 4 months. =)

As for me I have both good and bad experiences there. Depending on the working hours. I had to do OT if they needed me from 9am-11pm. But the some of money I received is not that bad. Got OT pay. I was lucky that I managed to do some technical stuff based on my course.

There are some interns who studied networking do odd jobs such as data entry, photocopy and even make coffees!

2. WishBoNe - June 24, 2007

@mr. simplicity
Thank God that I didn’t have to make coffee except clean the tons of papers that were no longer needed for auditing, listen to the calls of the drivers who reported that they have completed their runs and use the computer to update the status. The bad side was that they were a little racists.

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