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Short Life for Pretty Girl June 18, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Family, Friendship, Health and Fitness, Random Thoughts, Relationships.

A pretty teenage girl died from jumping. All because she wanted to join her friends but her mother didn’t allow her to leave the house. Another is on medication and enduring numerous operations on her spine. The first cost heartache, confusion and turmoil for her family.

The latter cost agony on herself, family and medical fees but she is alive. I don’t understand why they would insist on leaving the flat to join their friends. Do people care about “face” more than anything else nowadays? Maybe it wasn’t about “face” but about their freedom to do anything as they please.

Sadly, life comes with its own rules. We have to follow the country’s rules, family rules, school rules, work rules, community rules and a lot of other rules. Freedom is something to be earned and in order to keep it, we work hard on it.

Mothers prevent daughters from going out because they are afraid that they may get bullied or join bad friends in doing bad things. I know because I was preventing from going out a few times. I had curfews. I was supposed to return home by 10pm if I informed my mother that I was going out with my friends. If I still wasn’t back by 10pm, my handphone would ring and I would hear my mother asking where I was. I still get a such call from my parents sometimes.

I feel sad for the family of the girl who died from the jump in her attempt to join her friends. I feel sad that the outing that she and her friends had organised ended in tragedy. I feel even sadder that one could not understand the insistence of going out while the other at being balked at staying home.



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