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You Up, I Up Too June 13, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Mobile Phone, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets, Television.

Price hikes everywhere. Now, isn’t that great? Businesses are looking up and they can monopolise because they are the only ones who provide such services. First, GST. Then, NETS. Now, Starhub. Next would be supermarkets increasing their product prices after a month. What’s the use of saying the increase would be done later?

It doesn’t make a difference. As July 1st draws near, more companies will be announcing their prices are changing according to the GST. That is called profiteering. They can up the prices and claim that it’s the GST. Oh, not to forget that bus and train rides had increased theirs recently, surely they won’t hit us again?

I went to a handphone shop once and asked for the price of a handphone. It cost $400. After playing around with it, I decided that the cost was ok and the handphone was good enough and went ahead to buy. However, the calculated cost was more than $400 because they only add GST after you have decided to purchase. This has happened to me countless times. Why can’t they declare inclusive of GST instead of luring people in and then add GST? That’s cheating consumers. Consumers don’t like to be cheated.

Things never get cheaper. Prices always go up. Take movie ticket prices for example. Sure, our tickets are cheaper than other countries where they may cost SGD15 – SGD20 but we still watch because the VCDs and DVDs are expensive until a few years or months later.

So, shall we guess which company is going to increase their prices?



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