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I’m a Panda June 10, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Animals, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets.

I’m so sleepy. I didn’t have enough sleep. I woke up at 7.15am because my sister wanted to take revenge for talking on the phone late last night at a freaking hour of 12.30am by switching on the room light even when she was in the shower. It was an emergency call. A trip to Tan Tock Seng Hospital at that ungodly hour by DD. I had dozed off after a long day at Jurong  Bird Park, free pass courtesy of my company, when I got a call. Had to switch on my laptop to search directions to get to TTSH.

If anyone doesn’t know how to get to TTSH by private transport, call someone. But don’t call me. I’m a panda now and I don’t need to be placed in the zoo despite the free food and absolutely nothing to do except munching bamboo shoots and getting prod at by the scientists.

One helpful link I usually use would be Can. Its driving directions link is quite useful only if you have Internet access. Connection to Wirelss@SG doesn’t mean you have Internet access. I think I have encountered that a few times.

Basically, I’m feeling sleepy now. Once my hair has dried, I think I’ll skip lunch and date my bed instead.

I won’t be able to post any photos of my trip to Jurong Bird Park because my beloved A95 has died on me. Not totally, just refused to take in any images and the repairs maybe just cost me a new and higher end model.



1. DK - June 10, 2007

OK, I heard the chinese authorities are coming here to catch you. After all, you are their national treasure.

Better hide. hahahaha….

2. WishBoNe - June 10, 2007

That’s why I’m finding places to hide. 😆

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