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Obscene Comic Sold in Book Fair June 6, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Books, Other Reading, Random Thoughts.

Times Bookshop issued a letter of apologies to the authorities recently. An adult said that she was “really shocked. There are suggestively drawn frontal nudity graphics, showing women’s breasts and men’s private parts. The book shows how kids could make money by producing their own porn.”

The news on Channel U showed a comic book with a busty lady with all her private parts covered. So, what was wrong with that comic despite being shrink-wrapped and with a warning label on it? It was wrong to be sold in the Book Fair at Suntec, that’s all. It was also wrong to let the kids know that they can make their own porn too. Channel News Asia has the story covered here.

I thought our local authorities are stringent with the imports of such books. How did the comics ended up in the shelves of major bookstores? Censorship is so tight here, so how did it slip? The books are definite best selling since some have run out of stock. Aye, shows how deprived of sexual contents we are, aren’t we?

Science books have changed a lot since I studied primary school. The human reproduction is drawn with all the parts named so that the children would know and understand the human body. Seems that such diagrams are allowed. So how do we know how much sexual content can be contained in any book?

While we are allowed diagrams on the human reproduction system, no other visualisations are allowed. The changes in the biology books for secondary have been changed too. Debates such as abstinence from sex and the way to protect girls from being young mothers have been raised but there has been no real conclusion. Perhaps we’ll be still debating this. Pre-marital sex is still not acceptable.

Others have argued that if we don’t know how the partner does in bed before marriage, then when we marry, we don’t enjoy, how? Provoking thought but if sex is all we want, then why marry? To be official to have it?

Update: I must be using the wrong analogy here by comparing biology books against porn. I re-iterate, how did that comic book slip through the relevant authorities though?



1. DK - June 6, 2007

Why bother to buy those book when you can get better stuff from the internet…. FREE. Hahaha…

2. WishBoNe - June 7, 2007

😆 I know, those hentai online right? But need to pay lei. However, there must be tons of such stuff free for viewing 😛

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