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Career Path Adjustments June 5, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Studies.

A colleague of mine is leaving next week. She is studying part time and have changed companies a few times. She is tired from juggling the work and studies when the priority has to be the work. There have been cases whereby an employer throws the employee more work despite knowing they are studying in the evenings. When such a situation arises, the employee leaves and concentrate on the expensive education instead.

No, this colleague is not leaving because of the workload. She’s leaving because of her personal reasons that is of no use to anyone except her. For my case, I have worked in 4 different companies, each with its own culture. Reasons why I’m considering a review of my career path is not just the hope that I’m finally getting my degree but also adding value to myself.

All these years, I’ve been stuck in a particular skillset, I’ve never been able to overcome the fear of speaking to a crowd of more than 3 people. I’ve never liked talking to strangers about how this software is going to help them. In fact, I’m real lousy at people skills. Thus, my real people network is small.

I have always harboured the hope of doing something I like and earning tons of money with it. However, it’s never possible to earn tons of money with hobbies because you won’t keep track of the money issues. When something becomes a job, I tend to lose passion in it. I thought I liked IT but in the end, it has become a chore instead of my past passion for it.

What if I am able to get out of IT and pursue my hobby as a real paying job? Would I be thinking of going back to IT after a few years?

Has anyone encountered such a dilemna before?



1. modobs - June 5, 2007

Oh, I don’t know if I can call it a same experience, but I worked four years for an investment bank which paid very well until I decided to switch to journalism, less paid, but my real passion. It’s been three years now that I ‘m journalist, and I don’t regret my choice at all. I just fear that, given the condition of the media world, and of the newspapers in particular, I won’t be doing this job all my life.

2. 杰 - June 5, 2007

Which industry are you planning to switch to?

It’ll be a waste if you are not going to continue since you already got your degree in that field.

Your career path is so different from mine. I’m worthless should I deicded to quit and switch field now.

3. WishBoNe - June 5, 2007

Wow, you have managed to do quite well since you have bravely switched to your passion. I used to think of going into journalism but with my personality, I doubt I’d ever survive it. True, with virtual media into play, printed newspapers may lose their hold. However, I prefer to get my hands dirty by flipping through them. Online archives usually cost money for my local paper.

Perhaps it is a waste that I choose the path that will be different from my degree but knowing that a lot of successful rich men and women doing something that they have passion about, it’s something to be considered. Life is only in terms of tens. Not everyone lives to be a hundred. Let’s see how it goes.

4. modobs - June 6, 2007

WishBoNe, there are still some aspects of my profession I don’t like. One day or another, I will be forced to stand out among the others (everyone has to go through that, we’re judged for this ability too by our boss), and I like evolving in the shadow. That’s my personality.
But I have other qualities that compensate this lack in my profession πŸ™‚
And I could never make a speech in front of people I don’t know. I did try, though, in front of a crowd of 100 people, and it was a pure catastrophy πŸ™‚

5. WishBoNe - June 6, 2007

I once had a part in a play in school years back, I was happy to play in it but when I faced the audience on the actual day, I forgot my lines. The others had to cover for me. A total disaster. I was so embarrassed after that. So, I’m the same, I can’t make anything coherent in front of any strangers. πŸ˜›

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