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Can You Give Me Anything? June 3, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Animals, Food and Drinks, Health and Fitness, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts, Television.

The suspense is over. I’m late by a few weeks since the launch of Anything. Been busy, you see. Chalet, Wild Wild Wet twice, new guinea pig called Latte Combo and trying to understand the cause of the delay in my tuition fees which was finally paid about 2 days back, I’ve yet to update to see if it’s true.

Now, I didn’t see the new posters in the bus stops where the cans were plastered as borders. Someone has a photo of the original posters here. You know those ah peks and aunties who always hunt the rubbish bins for empty cans? They dig the posters because of the empty cans and pulled them off. No actual evidence but the forced removals apparently points to them. The company had to remove all the cans because others pulled off the taps to check it was indeed empty. So, the cans didn’t have an empty hollow sound when you knock on them, did they?

The advertisements were funny too. The poor cashier was punched and kicked when he frustrated those tattooed guys. The actors in the advertisements didn’t look local to me. Anyway, that doesn’t matter because the drinks have caused a buzz. Out of The Box Pte Ltd was actually a company that specialised in golf specific company initially. Interesting to see that they decided move out of their comfort zone to tackle on beverages.

Hopefully I get to try their drinks because I have yet to see them on the shelves.



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