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Career Path Review May 30, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Animals, Career, Emotions & Feelings, Health and Fitness, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Technology and Gadgets.

Exam was today. The break from work didn’t really feel like a much needed break. Maybe it is. I have been depressed about my career path again. I think I like to do something that DK has aptly said, “they would say ‘WOW’“.

I must say that this has been going for months. Scary since I have left that highly stressful place for months.

I have been feeling low and moody again. Was talking to SH about our career paths since we have crossed the final huddle for the degree course. 4 years to complete this long and difficult degree while working full time. Amazing.

Again, I think I must have been crazy to take up the current job. I still have about 10.5 months to the end of the contract. After the initial crazy thought, I thought it was a good time to start work again but I was wrong. I’m no longer happy with my career path or the lack of it. A dream job is difficult to find.

I’m absolutely, utterly sick of programming. I am no longer performing in any job. I need out.



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