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Transport Issues May 25, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Food and Drinks, Random Thoughts, Transport, Travel.

So, we’re not the ones affected by the price of petrol. It’s set to go higher too. Everyone’s affected. The groceries have not been affected much but will it be more expensive just to eat?

Something related to transport, the Simei accident where a young boy got hit by a truck and passed away a few days ago has raised the question of “Must we wait until a tragedy has happened?” It seems that everything gets done only when something happens. I don’t think this is an isolated issue either. Look at the number of deaths related to cyclists being knocked down. Only when someone famous gets killed then the law will be changed. Isn’t that too late? A life, someone famous, must be lost before something is done to reduce the mortality rate.

A few weeks earlier, there was this driver who crashed into the bus stop, injuring 5 women. More stoppers are being placed in the bus stop. Some are changed to be re-enforced. The concrete stoppers may lower the impact. On the other hand, boarding the bus becomes another issue. The bus driver will have to stop a little further to the front or back of the bay just to allow passengers to board and alight without maneuvering around it. Other bus drivers stop further from the curb.

It goes to show that all the spoon-feeding has made us re-active instead of pro-active or being able to have the foresight and adopting the other viewpoint of the users.



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