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What’s Going On? May 22, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Books, Career, Random Thoughts, Studies.

There’s a severe communication breakdown. I don’t understand why certain things that was requested, I gave but the most important party never received. I had a call this afternoon from the tuition agency and the lady claimed that I didn’t give them anything. I thought everything was to go through one person and that was the tuition coordinator?

So all these 2 months I thought wrong. What went wrong? I don’t want to figure that out. All I know is that the coordinator did not do her job well. She told me nothing that would get me my pay. All I know is that every month, they’ll get a cut from the pay and the student is supposed to get an online account to access the papers. However, the mother didn’t know anything. It was the 2nd time I have told her. I guess the mother does not have good memory.

I truly wonder why the heck do I have to give them an amount every month. Other agencies get the 50% in the first month and the money goes to the tutor from the 2nd month onwards directly. Why is there a big round just to get my pay?

I only want to help the student and earn something extra. I’m not going anywhere. Why can’t I get the money from the student’s parents and pay them the amount instead? Why can’t I make life easier? Why…. Never mind. I just don’t want to be cheated. If I get cheated, I will announce to the whole wide world. Don’t you worry.



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