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Water Theme Park May 20, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in General Sports, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts.

I had fun at Wild Wild Wet courtesy of DD. There was this scary ride whereby 2 people can take a float in the shape of the number 8. The slide is U-shaped, the kind where the skateboarders and stunt cyclists use. I didn’t attempt any because I’ll be screaming all the way. That is not the way to start work with a sore throat.

Took a bicycle ride and nearly got blisters because no shoes allowed. Thank goodness the track was short. There wasn’t much to see at the track despite the height. I got dragged to take a ride in a large float that slid down a winding slide. Scream lor.

The 2.5 hours spent there brought me nothing but a worse sunburn. I brought the sunblock only to leave it in my bag all the time. I thought the water would block it but I forgot that the time of the day would bring out the strongest sunlight ever, noon to 2pm is definitely not a good time to get tan even if it’s the fastest way.

Excuse me while I reapply my soothing gel for the nth time.



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