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Too Aggressive May 16, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Health and Fitness, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts, Transport, Travel.

Short Survey[via Photobucket uploaded by martyptx] It used to be easy to walk to the MRT and board it when it arrived. I’m not talking about peak hours when nobody would let you alight before they board. I’m talking about the ridiculous number of people trying to get you to fill in their A5 sized survey forms and further taking up an hour or two of your precious time for their sales talk on, what else, financial plans or insurance plans or investment plans depending on your answers.

Some would try to get your name and contact number so they could sell their plans to you. Frankly speaking, the aggressive tactics put me off. I won’t buy from you because every time I meet up with you, you introduce me more plans and I’m paying my poor butt off to just so I can be adequetely covered. That mistake of listening to your convincing me that I need more policies and savings led me to buying too many and I end up being covered for too little with too many debts to you your company. The cancellation led to an ugly call.

I scan the area upon exiting the gantry and ignore your poor attempts to catch my attention. Don’t ever, ever approach me even if I’m waiting for someone. Buzz off. One of the weird question I’ve received was my citizenship, hello, what has that got to do with your survey? Other questions were standard, if I was a student, do I have a savings plan, etc. So far, none had the nerve to ask any more personal than that silly time-share I went to.

One of the most obvious question was “You look tired.” If you can see that I’m tired, buzz off! My bag is heavy and I’m very hungry. I’m in no mood to entertain your questions that will lead me to giving you money for the plans and let you earn that commission.

What led me to write this post was that I met up with my insurance agent whom I haven’t seen for 3 years. He left me alone because I told him I was studying and he let me be. That’s why this insurance wasn’t canceled. I wouldn’t profit anyway since it isn’t mature yet. Besides, I like the policy.

The tactics have since become agressive to get people to buy plans, especially investment-linked plans. The profits are good but the risk is also higher. In the past, insurance companies would sell their plans. Now, even banks and financial companies have joined in the foray and aggressive in their sales pitch.

The more aggressive they are, the more I want them to stay far, far away from me.



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