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No Logic May 10, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

I re-iterate. I so do hate income tax! I just received my first tax. When they want my money, the bill is fast. When they can’t get my money, the statement for telling me of my annual income, is slow. 😡

The next information that got me even madder was that I had to pay, despite any objections. What sort of logic is that?! See point 2.




1. - May 11, 2007

So did you write in yet?

When the tax man want your money, it’s faster than the fastest car on earth. Best of all they can’t get your name right!

After so many donkey years, my name is still not change in their data base. I wonder if I’m paying for someone else’s tax instead?

2. WishBoNe - May 11, 2007

I wish to write in but having some writer’s block on what reasons that they should not tax me except for the fact that it’s my hard-earned money.

You should go to Complains.sg to see if the word spreads around that they can’t even get a simple name change corrected.

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