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Top 5 Favourite Posts May 9, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friendship, Holiday, Just For Fun, Other Reading, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Romance/ Love, Transport, Travel.

Time for some link love. I did one about techie. Here, I’ll post top 5 of my favourite posts from day 1 and day 2 about the contest that is being held right now. Anyone can participate, the rules are here. The entry form (for faster processing) is here. Just post your Top 5 of anything that your blog is related to. 🙂

Day 2:

Day 1:

There, with more than 300 entries for the 2 days, it was pretty tough to select 5 of the favourite posts.



1. mjuboy - May 9, 2007

Thanks for mentioning my blog! 😀

2. Eli James - May 9, 2007

Oh wow! You enjoyed it? *writers block isn’t as bad as I thought …* =)

Thank you for the writeup. What do you do when you’re in the middle of a block?

3. WishBoNe - May 9, 2007

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

@Eli James
I take a long break when I get a writer’s block. I had a bad habit of munching on tit bits which took me a long time to break but the munching helped! I ended up rushing to complete that report though. Cost me a bomb. *wipes tear*

4. Eli James - May 9, 2007

No kidding. I usually go for walks as well … but yesterday it was impossible.

And when it’s raining, or when the sun’s out …

A nightmare. A total nightmare.

5. Daniel - May 9, 2007

Thanks for including my top 5 post. Reading through your one I can show you the point of view of as a colorbilnd fellow: Because green (vacant) and red (occupied) are so damn close together, it’s more of a hassle…but as soon as you’re there, it is a relief 😉

6. Stacy - May 9, 2007

Thank you for mentioning my Top 5 post. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

7. Katie Baird - May 9, 2007

Wow, I barely got through day one and you have already reviewed and commented on day two. How efficient are you! Thank you for including my post in your favorites from day 1. I am honored.

8. WishBoNe - May 10, 2007

Oh dear, writer’s block do get to us sometimes. We just need to find a way to walk through it. Hope you find something to write about soon 🙂

I didn’t know that. I did remember hearing someone said that red and green shouldn’t be together. Actually, they clash, IMO.

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Thanks 🙂 As what Darren always said, the title of the post is what makes people click on the link. Good luck everyone 😀

9. OHSucker - May 11, 2007

See I thought I’d take a more laidback approach and wait until Day 3’s submissions to get a rolling….boy was that a misstep. LOL So far these submissions are great! I’m loving them.

Thanks for mentioning me and Good Luck to you!

10. WishBoNe - May 11, 2007

The prize is simply making more submissions than ever! I haven’t had the chance to go through day 3’s posts yet! There should be more such big prizes :mrgreen:

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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