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Report Submitted, Finally May 9, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Studies.

The final step towards my degree has been cast in stone envelope, er, whatever. I just sent it (the report) via courier, the most expensive courier since I started the practice 2 years back when I couldn’t finish them to pass to the school for free courier. It cost me $61.10 including that envelope ($1.70). Major Heart Pain. In caps, I tell ya. Heart Pain.

This had better get me that degree classification, I don’t care what class, as long as got class. I sure hope it’s the final time I’ll ever face the books and endless research. I ain’t gonna take up another expensive cost course for the next 5 years. I ain’t paid enough for those slavery I’ve done on just them assignments and exams.

Thank goodness I spent it on the courier. I’ve saved on the binding and printing except I had to print the coloured pages at home. No laser printer in the office found.

I left out my degree name on the evelope though. GAH! Wonder if they can find my course name with my student number. Hmm.

Come May 30 after the exam on that project, I am going to enjoy myself. Really must let myself loose relax.



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