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The Loud Ones April 29, 2007

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It has been a long day. I’m sleepy and tired. Were supposed to meet up with DD’s friends at 10.30am but the delay was till 2.30pm when the first 2 arrived. The rest subsequently arrived quickly after that. We had planned to go have some fun in Wild Wild Wet because of the complimentary tickets but didn’t go because we didn’t know what time they would arrive.

What a waste. I had planned extra clothes only to bring them back again without needing a new change of clothes. My family had went yesterday for some relaxation. Like I said, it felt more modern than getaway from modernisation. The Internet connection was lousy. DD couldn’t even get a signal. However,without that modernisation, the toilet wouldn’t be that great. What a contradiction.

Baby with plugs  [via Flickr uploaded by L.Z.O.]

The morning brought some rain and some peace and quiet. The next door neighbours had moved in on Saturday to party late into the night. I think they slept at 4am. I woke up a couple of times only to hear their loud talking. Their music started again in the afternoon and in the evening, their loud games. I call them the Loud Ones. They want everyone to know their presence. No wonder I hate to stay overnight at chalet sometimes. The air-con is good to sleep in but the walls are not sound proof. Oh, by the way, their singing can slaughter pigs too.



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