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Stereotyped April 25, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Relationships.

The violent events that unfolded in Virginia Tech has reaffirmed the belief that Asians are scary. It seems that stereotyping will not go away. In this way, stereotype somehow grows into prejudice against a race, gender, age, height, body size or figures.

The events lead to a journalist publishing the thoughts on our attitudes towards immigrants that the government has been trying so hard to attract to come and work or study. As usual, there are black sheep that just pollute the already small community and making the locals just turned off by their culture or customs. Some have shown the locals that they love to sit  and talk loudly in coffee shops but the drinks in their hands are not bought from the coffee shop.

Others love to take free rides in taxis by being drunk on purpose. And there are others who love to change what they said when confronted with something that they should have done but did not. After several rounds of questions with them, they push the blame to someone who was assigned to ensure that they did the work. Smart move. They are very good at talking to protect themselves.

As such, this has lead to ways at curbing them from working together, some are known to just talk at all times without getting any work done. These are the ones who are best in PR jobs. However, they love the jobs that require little of them so that they can push the work to others.

As an outcast in a foreign country, it would make one depressed because even if you are holding a permanent residency, you are not made welcome in any neighbourhood that is predominantly different from your race. It’s already difficult to adjust to a new country after many years in your birth country for a few years. The prejudice and stereotype make the adjustments even more difficult.

I thought that we are all born as homo sapient? We all come from our mothers. Aren’t we all the same except for skin colour due to the climate?



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