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Sun Burnt! April 22, 2007

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I got sun burnt at Sentosa. I left out my delicate shoulders and rubbed sunblock all over the rest of my body. -_-‘ The beach was nice but the sea water was not clear. So full of mud or whatever it was that made it so dirty. DD got slightly burnt on his cheeks.

I had not swam any laps for a long time and the little man-made islets were not for me. I felt that the distance was too far to swim. I saw a few who went there and returned. For a Sunday, it sure was quite a huge amount of human traffic in places whereby there were performances.

The Underwater World was not worth it. DD and I spent an hour despite squeezing through the crowd in the tiny walk space and browsing the souvenir shop. What a waste of my money. The ticket came with a complimentary entry to Dolphin Lagoon, that was what I had wanted to visit. It rained at 4pm and I was worried that we won’t be able to enter if the rain still doesn’t stop by 5pm. The show started at 5.30pm, we had missed out the earlier show times.

Fortunately, the weather god was kind. The rain stopped at 4.30pm However, the area still was hot and we chose a good seat; front row. The pink dolphins were good. The jumping, walking on water, hula hoops spinning and wanting the whole box of fishes instead of being contented with one or two. I still think Australia’s Sea World had a larger area for them to perform 😛

I missed out the rest of the photos because I didn’t have spare batteries as backup. GAH! Had to use DD’s because the place didn’t sell the type of battery that I wanted. 😦



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