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Ready to Fly April 5, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Handheld, Holiday, Mobile Phone, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets, Transport, Travel.

I woke up at 1.40am. It seems I’m excited for the trip in a few hours, right? Wrong. DD lent me his handphone and the problem with Samsung handphones is that they will repeat the SMS unless you have read the messages. The settings can be changed but I’m not going to change it.

Now, why am I using his instead of mine? That’s because I sent it for repairs. It better be in perfect condition and repaired by next week since I don’t want to trouble DD any longer than that. 5 days should be enough to repair, right? I still like SE K618i as my backup but buying it without contract is not worth it because it’s trade-in value is $150 now. A year later, it’ll be worth $50. I must get a voucher from M1 next week when I get home. 10 years using it and no voucher. How’s that for being loyal to it but receiving nothing?

I miss my Dopod. I won’t be able to log my thoughts in it since it’s not with me. I’ll be taking lots of photos I hope. I finally bought a 1GB CF card, wished I had tried the 4GB though since the sales was willing to let me try it on my A95 while I was there. Then I would know which is the largest capacity that A95 is able to support. Darn.

I went back to bed after remembering that I will be needing new socks. I managed to find 3 pairs that were bought recently. I still need 2 more pairs! However, I don’t understand where all my ankle socks disappeared too. I haven’t worn them for 4 years and they seemed to have disappeared saved for one. It’s just not a pair, mind you. Just that one for one leg.

Wonder if I should have hotcakes from McDonald later, I doubt Bangkok has it. Excited-ness!

Bangkok, here we come!



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