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The Great Debate April 4, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Mobile Phone, Technology and Gadgets, Transport, Travel.

The debate has been heating up the forums but I found it only through the newspapers. If anyone remember the car crash by this young man whose father had bought him a high performance car, today’s news had him in hot waters online because the lady who passed away didn’t get her justice served. He is still out with a driving license and is undecided on which car to buy.

One of threads started asking why there is a hold up on justice being meted out for a 21-year-old lady whose first job and only a few months into it. Since 2005 and it’s still not settled yet, no wonder people are angry. Imagine the sales persons asking for his IC before a test drive and I doubt they will let him since he’s on the black list of no test drive due to that accident.

The very question I like to know is that how did they find out that he was the one who caused the accident? They have even managed to find out his handphone number which will be changed very soon and everyone should avoid.

The debate on his still available driving license continues. Which frankly, to reduce such heated debate, the investigations better speed up since it’s on the first page of Home section today. His full name is printed. Until he’s brought to court to face the consequences, people would bemoan that we are not a fair country and proves that justice is blind.



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