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Muddy Visit April 1, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Family, Friendship, Health and Fitness, Holiday, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Transport, Travel.

My legs ache. I spent 3/4 of my day in Johor Bahru just to pray to my ancestors. The trip was hampered by traffic jams and impatient drivers attempting to cut queue just because their current queue had a longer waiting time. Well, since the cutter was “clever” and we the stupid ones staying obediently to the queue, there was no way any of us will be stupid enough to let the clever ones cut through.

The tombs in Malaysia had no order, they were placed according to the family’s feng shui. So, I saw two tombs placed at a wide angle and another tomb the opposite direction next to the other tomb. There was no cement, just soil and mud, and more mud.

We managed to return home by 2.30pm but had another round. I was going to faint from the lack of sleep. I slept only 3 hours because there was this cute baby who was celebrating her first month that belongs to DD’s friend. A pity that she was sleeping, I would have captured her in her waking moments.

I better take good care before my trip. Gah! Haven’t even packed my luggage although the list is written!



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