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Staying Positive March 31, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friendship, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Romance/ Love.

It’s said that opposites attract. Ever heard of staying happy means staying away from negative people? Especially those whose negativity is so strong that even if you are happy, you get weighed down by their supreme depressing thoughts?

We face difficulties at any time and bad things can happen at any time. How do we stay positive during those lousy times? There are certain things that we have control such as allowing our feelings to get the better of us when our path changes.

Be depressed when we have no jobs. Mope at home all day and refuse to see anyone despite our family’s best intentions. Every sentence out of our mouths is negative such as “There’s no job”, “The location is not good”, “Low pay”, “I don’t like my potential boss”, “I never get any promotion”, “There’s no perm, only temp or contract”, “Contract doesn’t have any security”, etc.

These are what makes us unhappy about looking for the ideal jobs. We have to start all over again and going through many rounds of interviews and may face prejudice due to the age, gender or it’s just that the potential boss has some weird requirements. We are born who we are. We can’t change our age but we can slow down the aging process such as using compatible skincare products and using them religiously. We can’t control what the other person is thinking so we’re better off without such a boss. We can’t just change our gender because the operation is way off our budgets besides, I’m happy with my gender right now.

Jobs are something that we do have a certain control over. However, what about being inflicted with diabetes? How to stay positive despite the years of potential complications arising from it?

I had this classmate whom I had the chance to work in the same company. Workplace allowed me to know her a lot better than in the classroom. She has an overpowering negative outlook to her life and work. She didn’t like her leader because he never helped her. Well, that workplace was the place whereby everyone was busy fighting off complaints and expecting a leader to spoon-feed you was ridiculous. If he was that bad, I wondered why this other colleague of mine didn’t complain to me about him? Every time I talked to her, she had nothing positive to say. Her life was bad, work was bad, in fact, everything was lousy and not going her way. Gee, I wonder what sort of life did she actually want.



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