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I Must Be Crazy March 29, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts.

I have gone mad. I must be. I just accepted a 12-month contract that will need me to commute for at least 45 minutes of train ride and 20 minutes of walking. That’s just one way. Add up the return trip, I’m using about 3 hours on travel to and from work. Crazy right?

I wasn’t expecting anything like that because I was looking for temp job but none came. The thing is that I had registered last Wednesday because a friend of mind recommended it and I decided why not spread out my resume to them too and see how. This very nice lady called me on Monday saying that she had this contract position which my profile fits. I fit but the location was very far. I asked her which company and nearly fainted at the mention of the location and she realised that I do live very far indeed. After a few more questions, I decided since no temp jobs, why not take this contract job which would pay me very well.

I had a call on Tuesday saying that I was shortlisted for the interview on Wednesday. That was very fast. The best part I love about it was that there was no form to fill in my details again. I arrived too early; 1 hour ahead, because I kept thinking it was 2pm when I had put it 2.30pm in my PDA and in bold. -_-|||

During the interview, it was the first time that I could feel at ease. Usually I have butterflies in my stomach and cold hands. Here, the lady who interviewed me was very nice and understanding.

This morning, the lady from the agent called me to clarify certain things and later in the evening, I was informed that I got the job. Best news is, she managed to raise my pay to the range I had in mind since it is a contract and I have no benefits such as free doctor’s consultation or dental claims. Speaking of dental claims, I forgot to ask if I could claim the amount.

I’m delirious and yet I feel the commuting time is crazy. However, I hope to complete the contract at least. It’ll be good if my contract is continued and I do get a pay raise with each renewal. :mrgreen: Maybe by then, I’d be able to afford my own car. But not the road tax, parking fees and petrol. 😦



1. 杰 - March 29, 2007

You and your car. Think by then you’ll worry more on the cost of petrol and the jams in the peak hours.

The worst part is that you’ll follow my foot steps. Take public transport when I’m going out instead of riding.

2. WishBoNe - March 30, 2007

I like having my own transport without needing to face those brainless people who won’t let other alight before boarding and standing in the train for the whole long ride to and from work. 😛

Cost of petrol always change. So, there’s no guarantee.

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