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Almost Had It March 26, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Books, Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Studies.

I received a call from someone asking if I was able to take up a tuition assignment. No introduction from where she was calling from or who she was. I was stunned in the 1st 5 seconds before recovering my wits to ask her what subjects and the level I was supposed to tutor. I agreed to take it up since it’s twice a week although the pay was little. I had to earn something, hadn’t I?

She said she’d get back to me. She called me back in 5 minutes saying, “Hi, it’s me again.” Yea but I was thinking who are you? Never introduce yourself. It’s rude. The parent wanted fixed mornings and was unable to accept evenings. Oh well, it was fine by me. Maybe she needed a full time tutor instead.

On reflection, maybe she was not trained to be a tuition coordinator. On the other hand, maybe I should take up tuition coordinator as my part time. I would be having 2 part time jobs and earn some cash. Maybe not since I like giving tuition instead of calling the parent and tutor back and forth.



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