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Life Goes On March 25, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Health and Fitness, Holiday, Random Thoughts, Transport, Travel.

Major trouble. I can’t finish my report! I can’t even continue writing it and here I am posting this. Sheesh.

I finally got an offer for tutoring. Primary 5 Maths and I’m in big trouble. I don’t know their syllabus and thank goodness the mother doesn’t need someone who is supposed to be familiar with it. I hope I do a good job on the first lesson so that I will be earning some cash to pay for the transport and other things that I’ve been meaning to buy.

I do hope that I still remember how to do Maths besides BODMAS though. I hope there’s another student coming after my trip. I’m seriously considering applying for MOM’s temporary interviewer in June but as the interviewer, I may encounter residents slamming the phone down on me or just short rude curt replies. The pays pretty good too. Except, I can’t find the application form despite the stated URL in the PDF.  Anyone who’s interested can apply for it by calling the persons in charge. It’s stated as flexible hours and paid in per day basis.

I’m still looking for myself as I don’t seem to have gotten the energy to do anything yet. Life still goes on and hopefully, I get my mood and enthusiasium back.



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