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Ugly Side Shown March 21, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

I’m surprised by the turn of face displayed by agent A. It was different from nice to nasty because I wanted to cancel 4 of the policies. The customer service guy didn’t know where my previous submission forms for canceling the 3 policies went to.

Agent A had called me last Friday to question my reasons for canceling. The boss called me yesterday to ask me the same questions hoping to salvage the situation. He wished me well after warning me that such agents who snatch other agents’ customers are unethical and twisting the business. By reading between the lines, I believe he wished the unethical agent to lose the rice bowl. He would send a formal complaint if he had half a mind.

He slammed the phone down after wishing me all the best. That doesn’t bode well. I never wanted to cause anyone on losing out the commission. However, by paying more than what I can afford per month for insurance and receiving the total coverage that is not what I feel is worth. The comparison convinced me. If I can pay a certain amount that I can afford and still receive the coverage, why should I be buying 6 policies from the same company and dumping all my eggs in one basket? That’s not part of my plan.

The tone wasn’t friendly and the processing time is too long. There’s no receipt even! I get a receipt from canceling and the cheque is already issued within 10 working days. Isn’t it supposed to be in effect on the date that is canceled? So not professional and hinted warnings to make things bigger than a simple cancellation of a few insurance policies.

The agent has a good boss who is concerned for him but the boss is someone whom you shouldn’t cross words with or you get a letter of warning and slamming of phones. The trip to the customer service told me one thing, if they are upset about customers canceling and requesting a refund of the premiums paid, they will do everything to delay the refund and trying to convince the customer to continue with the many policies.

The problem with the uncalled for delay is that if I had submitted on Wed, Mar 14 to cancel, it should be done on the spot and not have any delays. Why can’t it be done at the system instead? Why should the policies be sent to the HQ instead of the customer service? Why is there a need to send the forms to 2 different places so that the money can be refunded?

If I don’t get back my refund in the next few days, I will complain if they dare to complain against me. There is a free look of 14 days and I have done my part. So they better do theirs, Agent A.



1. furfur angel - March 30, 2007

is this compant happen to be P Insurance Company?

2. WishBoNe - March 31, 2007

Nope, it’s A insurance company.

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