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Karma March 21, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Transport.

Sometimes we need a change of perspective in our lives. We live in a world where everything has to be accounted for, finger pointed and justified. We live in the world of rushing to work, to school and when we slow down and look back, we realised that we should done this, should have done that.

When one’s car is broken into, you get angry that you have to go through the trouble of contacting your insurance agent and send in the bills for repair. What if it’s torched instead? What kind of reaction would you have? Say a little prayer or curse the thief/arsonist that he/she get rotten fingers?

What about motorbikes? The parts get stolen and you would curse the low-down thief that you have to make a report but unable to claim from your insurance because the whole bike has to be stolen in the first place? Or curse the insurance company for being able not to compensate the lost?

I watched a video of a man whose skin turned snake-like after beating 230 snakes and eating 3 of them. He stayed in a small village in China and his 71-year-old father had to work to look after him because of the condition. It itches a lot and no amount of medicine will work for him. It sounds unbelievable but the video shot was real. There are no links that I can find to link to because this can be rather sensitive to most people because of the believe in God.

The villagers had a lot of monks and nuns to help him pray. First, they prayed for the snakes. Second, the whole family had to pray for the snakes. By the 3rd time the video crew visited him, he was cured 90%. It took about a few months or so.

Such incidents remind me of karma and the proverb “You reap what you sow”. Read about the woman who was well-liked by everyone who knew her but she got killed randomly by a man who didn’t even know her well?

Life seems unpredictable but maybe it has already been arranged that way and we go along with it unknowingly despite our best intentions.



1. hudds53 - March 22, 2007

I really like your post so well written so thought provoking. Maintaining the right attitude and proper perspective so important. I read somewhere, life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. I think it would be more accurately stated as how we allow ourselves to react to it. No one and nothing can MAKE us feel angry or happy. We allow the person, the actions or events to effect us whether that be positively or negatively.
Great post, thank you for sharing

2. WishBoNe - March 22, 2007

Thank you Bill. I would agree with you that we allow the person, actions or events to affect us especially when it comes to being angry, we do things that we regret later.

3. me - March 24, 2007

yes, your post is indeed thought provoking … and this means a lot today to most of us who go through days without thinking about the meaning of the life we are living – we are just going through the motion of daily life like automatons.

i dont believe in coincidence or freak occurrences in life. there are times when you see people getting away with bad deeds and good guys who seem to be suffering. but i always remember this saying that i was taught long ago – it was in mandarin but it translates somewhat to – if you perform good deeds, you may not be immediately rewarded but bad retributions will be distancing themselves from you; if you perform bad deeds, you may not be immediately punished but good retributions will also be distancing themselves from you …

lots of time i told people to believe what they will – i never believe in forcing others to my views or my beliefs. it’s like gravity – it’s there whether you believe in it or not. gravity doesnt disappear just because of your belief or your lack of. and knowing more about it definitely helps you understand how your life is affected by it and how you can shape your life to encompass it.

4. WishBoNe - March 25, 2007

Recently, such thoughts have been coming to my mind because of what has been happening to me for the past few years. I have encountered good bosses and bad bosses and average bosses. Their coming into my working life does hold something.

In the past, I would be angry that this boss is so cruel, I have to work so long in the office but I still don’t get anything in return for my efforts at work. I was impatient to get my returns and one proverb in Chinese translate to “Fate has not arrived”, 缘分未到.

I’m not a patient person and often do things rashly or in the heat of the moment. Tough to break this habit.

5. Our Diets « A Mind of My Own - April 30, 2007

[…] It is believed that plants are eaten because they don’t have souls. They are not reincarnated from souls. The cycle of eating animals continue as long as we eat them. It is also said that we are taking our revenge by eating meat. We are stuck in the reincarnation cycle as long as we keep eating our enemies or relatives who have reincarnated as the animals. How do I know that I’m not eating my great-grandmother who passed away? I don’t know. But revenge can take other forms by the animals such as snakes. […]

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