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Law of Consecutiveness March 17, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career.

The law of consecutiveness is troublesome. You send out 20 resumes to 20 different places and hope that something will come along. 2 weeks later, no news. You assume that it’s over since they are not going to look at your resume. You send out another 10 to 10 different companies. 3 days later, one of the 10 called to ask you to go for the interview. Elation!

You attend it and found that it’s not quite what you feel comfortable in but are desperate for the job because you need the pay. 2 days later, another call for an interview. You now have other option. You go for it and feel that this 2nd (one of 20 you sent out 1st time round) company is still not quite there but there is no positive vibes that they will hire you so you’re stuck with the 1st company. Another call for a 3rd company come and you attend it. This time you get a feeling that this is it and prays this company will offer you 1st.

The 1st company calls you just after this 3rd interview saying that you are given a position in the company. Usually, from my experience is that they don’t give you any time to consider the offer, it’s take it now or lose the offer. The companies on the other hand, seem to have all the time in the world before they decide to hire you. If they can have the time to consider, why can’t we?

You try to get a delay to accept their offer since you are actually praying that the 3rd company offers you a position despite the likely pay difference. They give you till the next day to get back to them. You keep praying for company 3 to call. The day you decide to take up company 1’s offer only to hear from company 3 2 days later that they have decided to hire you.

You can wait for weeks with no news only to have such news when you take up new things the take up your time. WHY?!



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