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No Such Thing As Free March 16, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emails, Interesting/Hilarious Emails, Mobile Phone, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets.

Often in our lives we love free stuff. Buy one get one free that kind of promotion. I no longer believe in the free stuff thrown in after spending thousands of dollars on my new computer only to receive a free cheapskate mouse. I want the mouse that is worthy of being seen together with my thousands of dollars computer, not some $10 worth mouse.

With the rise in emails being processed, we have started to receive emails that claim to let us receive free stuff just by forwarding the email to many people and someone would contact you once it’s confirmed. So, how do you confirmed that an email has been sent? In the Sent Folder of course. Who actually checks that you have sent the email? When you CC the person who is supposed to be checking la. Does this person actually exists? Where is the contact number in that email?

One such scam is the Sony Ericsson scam email. It states that free handphones will be given but there are issues with the email itself. You can read about my dissection account of it here.

There is no such thing as free gifts. You have to buy $100 worth of stuff before you will receive a $30 iron. I might as well just buy that iron since it’s the only thing I need at the moment instead of buying $100 worth of impulse buys just to get that “free” iron, right? Depending on situation, if I need $100 worth of groceries, I will buy them and still get a free iron. Now, about my expenditure list



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