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Huge Savings March 14, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

I’m reducing most of my policies. I did a review with my new agent and acknowledge that I have too many and too little coverage. So, I’m changing and canceling those that are within the cancellation period without any penalty.

From 7 policies, I’m reducing to buying 1 that actually has more coverage and cover those that I want. In fact, I understand that we can actually just buy 1 insurance that has all the coverage such as illness, death, total disability and accident. I’m paying the premium that is low but is far more worth than 5 of the individual policies combined.

If anyone wants a review of their financial health, do let me know, I’ll gladly give you this agent’s number. He’ll do a good review and recommend those suitable ones and help you lighten your premiums per month and increase your coverage.

I can use the savings to put into my savings too. So happy today. 😀



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