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Close Encounter with The Animals March 13, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Animals, Cats, Dogs, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets, Transport, Travel.

I went to the zoo with DD. DD had a free pass that could be used and we decided to go today. Of all days, we chose today and totally forgot that the kids would be there. It’s the March holidays! Anyway, since it was a weekday, there wasn’t much crowd even with the excited kids yelling at the bunny and guinea pigs to go to their open arms.

The most crowded attractions were the Asian Elephants, Children’s World and polar bears. I had taken a lot of shots today and totally used up my 128MB and 32MB CF cards. I haven’t found out if A95 is able to take in 1GB of CF card space yet. Can some kind soul let me know? I had difficulties taking the photos, the polar bear was swimming and diving happily in a fixed route and all I got was the blue water and blurred face of it. 😦 Frustrating, I tell you.

I had more butts than their faces too! The white tiger, wolf or whatever it was and leopard loved to pace around. The otters were frolicking in the water cooling off even though the sky wasn’t that bright, the temperature was high. There’s a new addition to the white rhino. This few weeks old rhino was running around looking for its mother and food. Very cute!

The performance at the Children’s World was similar, strange thing was that people always use their watches to give their kids. The watch was again “swallowed” by the dog that was supposed to look for it. The watch was again hidden in the big red box that was supposed to be the electric box. The cat was released to hunt for the rats that had somehow escaped from some where. A new addition, I guess.

It was a good thing that the rain only started near the closing time. We were near some sheltered restaurants and sat there to wait out the rain. My legs were aching and sore from all the walking. Unfortunately, there were no free tram rides. I wanted to take a horse carriage ride and saw 2 families taking it. It’s expensive lor. Everything at the zoo is expensive. Even the ice cream cost 2x the usual price. Drank quite a lot of water. DD brought the water 😀

At the reptile section, there was this enclosed area where some of the creatures are allowed to roam freely such as the komodo dragon. It was huge and was on top a platform. There were 3 little monkeys climbing along and the girls in front of us screamed in terror each time any of the monkeys moved. It’s just monkeys, not cobra, girls. The monkeys were more afraid of the girls because they kept moving with each shriek.

The only out of the ordinary event that happened at the Children’s World was that one of the miniature horse tried to chew the fallen foundation that a girl had accidentally lose hold of. It’s the zoo and the animals can’t differentiate anything, so, if anything falls into their path, they will taste it. Where was the zoo keeper when you needed one? No zoo keeper after the show. I sure hope the horse is alright. Since I would be perspiring, I felt that there was no need to make my make-up melt. I would have to touch up every 5 minutes lor. Some sun block should do.

Now, my shoulders are aching because I was carrying the thing that can’t be reduced in weight, my tripod. I need massage.



1. me - March 14, 2007

it appears that a95 supports even 4gb cf … you can refer to the url below to verify. you may wish to doublecheck with others too.

2. WishBoNe - March 15, 2007

Ah, thanks! I think I shall bring along my camera to test the cards out. If the shop owner lets me test. It does support 1GB CF, I found it via the forums.

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