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IT Show Visit March 10, 2007

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I walked around the booths in Suntec on a weekday. It was still very crowded. I guess a number of people have taken leave to get the bargains on the 1st day. I was really tempted on buying the Lenovo Y300 for $1,999. It’s a 13.3″ laptop with 1GB of RAM and 120GB of hard disk space. So cool! It’s a major difference from my current laptop of 40GB of hard disk space and 512MB of RAM. However, I must be crazy to buy it now because my brother will be buying a laptop from poly if he were to study next year. It would be a waste to have an extra laptop around the house.

I hate the crowds that jam the walkways so, this year, I decided to elbow my way out without apologies. Don’t block my way because the walkways are wide, you don’t stop in the middle and use up all the space just to admire that wondrous XBox 360, ok. In fact, elbowing my way through the throng was a lot more effective that waiting for the people in front to move or the oncoming crowd to let you through because they won’t let you through. They want to get through you first. Yea, try phasing through me like the X-Men. Then I’ll probably let ya through, k?

I didn’t buy a thing though. I did consider buying a 4GB thumb drive or a 2GB thumb drive though. Looking around does make me feel impulsive to buy a laptop. I’m always craving for better laptops. If I were to get a new one, it’ll be my 2nd laptop. I wonder how many I will buy in future. I shudder to foresee.



1. - March 11, 2007

Just a reminder. You are out of job at the moment. Don’t spend on things that are not important at the moment.

Don’t know what happen to the “I want to save for my future.” and the “I need to work on my final year project.”

Don’t see your project moving and it’s mid march! Very fast it’ll be may!

2. WishBoNe - March 11, 2007


3. Expenditure List « A Mind of My Own - March 15, 2007

[…] appropriate time, I’m in need of cash to fund my new laptop. I’m still thinking about that laptop. By the time I have enough to buy a new one, new specifications will be out […]

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