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Our Earth is Changing March 5, 2007

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Titanic, the ship that was sunk by an ice berg. It was said to be unsinkable. She sank on her maiden voyage and thousands died because there wasn’t enough life boats on board. This incident prompted a movie and the facts and legends surrounding her. Debates have sprung about whose fault it was entirely; Captain J. Smith or someone else (lack of life boats). In 1997, Titanic the movie came out. Included were the old couple who perished because no men were allowed in the life boats and Mrs Straus chose to stay with her husband.

After the sinking, there were debates on whether to rise the ship or to let it be the grave for the thousands that perished on it. In 2004, worried that the ship’s holes have been widened, National Geographic sent a team to investigate. All these years, the ship had provided a new home for the marine animals. It would be cruel indeed if we were to raise the ship. Studies have shown that ship wrecks have redeeming ecological values.

Global warming has proved devastating effects on coral reefs. Has anyone seen the Great Barrier Reef yet? I haven’t and the news aren’t good. It is shrinking. We have to resort to creating artificial reefs such as not rising sunken ships. Even sunken aircrafts have provided new homes for the marine ecosystem.

To provide new homes, some environmentalists have taken a year to mark a place to sink ships and aircrafts that are no longer in use. Why the use of these? The materials used to build these transport don’t rust. These transport modes have to be robust to weather changes, hence, their use in creating new homes under the sea.

A very good image of how much the global warming has made our sea levels and drastically different weather can be found here. It had already been happening since 1979. We are not doing anything much different except I see recycle bins being placed. Unfortunately, these bins have been used as trash cans instead despite being clearly labeled. The most common and easiest stuff to be recycled are papers, glass and plastic. We use them everyday but no one is recycling them because we have never been taught. There wasn’t such bins provided and not enough information for us to understand environment issues. We have been spoon-fed for too long and too dependent on the big one for too long. We can’t even think on our own.



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