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Career Line March 1, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Mobile Phone, Random Thoughts.

I’m looking at part time or temp jobs at the moment. The following job scope (HR admin assistant) described what I did before I left my 1st company besides my main role as an IT developer.

  • To handle Hotel / Air-Ticket bookings
  • To handle conference rooms bookings
  • To handle visa applications
  • To receive guests
  • To update Director’s dairy
  • To assist in Reception duties when necessary
  • Other ad-hoc duties

It sounds strange that I’ve done those, right? Luckily, I didn’t really have to handle visa application or hotel/air-ticket bookings. I was sort of a receptionist when my supervisor or manager wasn’t at their seats. I had to intercept their calls because the Assistant GM would hint during daily morning briefings on handling calls. I ended up putting lots of post-it notes on their laptops, monitors, keyboards and tables. There was a time I was really sick of picking up the calls instead of doing something productive. I was in the middle of a project and the 5-minute a call was getting on my nerves that I took out the phone line of one particular table because that the one that rang the most. 😦

I had half a mind to re-direct all the calls to that person’s handphone because the callers were asking me questions that only that person knew.

I did all those admin-related stuff as temp before joining in a permanent post. So, I guess I should change my line to admin or HR, right?



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