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What Would You Do if You Won 10 Million? February 27, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Family, Friendship, Holiday, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts, Transport, Travel.

In a few days, the once a year 10 million dollars Toto Draw is going to be held. Everyone is queuing to win that 10 million. Masters have been consulted and it’s estimated that 6 – 7 winners will be part of the 10 million share.

I was wondering if there would be only one winner for that lion share. What if I won and how would I utilise it? I would spend it on my lasik, of course. :mrgreen: Let’s see, I shall list below what I’m planning to do if I were to win it.

  1. Lasik operation (Estimate 4k)
  2. Take the whole family to Hawaii to visit my aunt (She dotes on me lei! Estimate 15k for 6 return tickets)
  3. Put 100k into a fixed deposit account that earns the most interest rate (Best to take precautions)
  4. Donate 100k to Cats Welfare, SPCA and Rainbow Charity
  5. Buy a condo with a plot of land for my parents (Estimate 120k)
  6. Buy another condo to rent out (Estimate 120k)
  7. Buy overseas bungalow as my holiday retreat (Estimate 500k)

Notice that I didn’t buy car. That’s because I won’t be working, I’d be waiting for the rental rates to come in and collect my interest. 😆 A car would undermine my savings plan.

I guess that would utilise all the money. What would your utilisation be?



1. 杰 - February 28, 2007

Even the dogs and cats have something.

Guess I’m worst than the animals.

2. me - February 28, 2007

if i have $10 million, i would invest at least $1k to try to strike the next toto … i think i should give it a shot if there is still time, and see if something happens. the number of ifs in just a few short sentences is so overwhelming that i am starting to have second thoughts … :O

3. WishBoNe - March 1, 2007

What do you mean you’re worst than the animals?

Stop the ‘ifs’ just list down your utilisation. 😀

4. me - March 2, 2007

*if* i strike the abovementioned, you can bet i will remove all the *ifs*, hahaha 🙂

5. WishBoNe - March 2, 2007

:mrgreen: Let’s see how it goes.

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