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Are Girls’ Blogs More Popular? February 27, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Just For Fun, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets.

This post got Tomorrow-ed and I just had to put a link. I guess the hits will high these few weeks. 5 main points were stated and my thoughts on them.

Girls’ blog got more pictures

True, but mine don’t have, so, am I a boy?

Girls write better

Depends, I’ve read those who used abbreviations all the way and I don’t understand them at all.

Girls have a lot more to talk about

Maybe true but I’ve read those whose posts just contain 1 sentence. It’s short.

Girls readily post comments on other girls’ blogs; nobody comments on boys’ blogs

Not really, I don’t get any comments much from my girl friends here. So, is mine a boy’s blog?

Girls have nehnehpok

Everyone has, ok. It’s just more prominent on girls.



1. me - February 28, 2007

gosh … how did the last point decide whether a girl’s blog is more popular than that of a guy’s ???

ok … maybe i am not totally honest here … visuals in blogs do make a difference. woman’s feminine appeal sells like hotcakes. that will go a long way to explaining why you see pretty models advertising almost everything … from lingerie (women’s products), to motorcars (guy’s domain), to IT products, etc.

just put a few pretty ladies’ photos in the blogs, and you see the traffic rise – even if that blog belongs to a guy. i am just stating an observation, though i will be hard pressed for the reason behind it.

btw, i was quite sure i got rid of my ‘nnp’ as soon as i lost my baby fat many years back … pls tell me i saw the last of it …

2. WishBoNe - March 1, 2007

That’s what I wondered too. However, the small “V” between does entice more readers on the blog and maybe some comments too.

Those girls who are featured in the car ads do dress a lot less. Lingerie can’t be done by men, right? I do wonder why IT products need to have women but then again, no one would take a second look at a male who’s modeling for a handphone in it.

3. me - March 2, 2007

you are on the mark. i havent seen many males advertising their IT products of recent … probably those who did had bad sales, so they changed tactics. guys wear underwear too, but i have yet to see male underwear ads or male models, at least in the local context, whereas we would be hard pressed to deny that the same is true for ladies. that just goes to show females boost sales, and pretty females further boost sales, and scantily clad pretty females top the sales.

we seem to be living in a superficial society based on superficial needs.

4. WishBoNe - March 2, 2007

rflol That’s why the doctors who do plastic surgery or into external modifications are doing roaring good sales, you see.

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