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Flickr Account February 24, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets.

I’ve created a Flickr account just so that I could comment for one of my friends’ photos. However, whenever I tried to send email, I kept getting bounced email:

UP Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-04.html

GAH! Curse all spammers who used simple and innocent text emails. I just want to let my friend know that I’ve done some commenting on the photos and I’ve added as a contact. Well, you know who you are so, just to let you know, the screen name is the same as my email that I send from.



1. me - February 28, 2007

oops … sorry for the inconvenience caused. i got your feedbacks – 2 so far, thanks a billion – but it means a lot to a newbie who is still learning his trade, thanks again :))

2. WishBoNe - March 1, 2007

I’ll be leaving a few more comments on them when I have the time 🙂

3. me - March 2, 2007

thanks wishbone … i really appreciate that a lot, but show more mercy one me ok, hee 😛

4. WishBoNe - March 2, 2007

Mercy? I’m already merciful. If it were some other professional, they won’t be merciful 😆

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