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CNY Activities February 20, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Family, Food and Drinks, Games, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts.

The 1st 3 days of Chinese New Year is nearly over. I have shamelessly happily collected angbaos from almost every married auntie and uncle. This year, I get more wishes to get married soon. Last year, there wasn’t much. ARGH! I’m old and I’m showing my wrinkles now?! Strangely, these wishes came from DD’s side. :mrgreen:

I have eaten 3 days of Yu Sheng. Traditionally, it’s eaten on the 7th day of the New Year. With the hard times in the past years, it’s eaten on any day, some even ate it a few days before the New Year because of schedules. I heard from one of my aunt that there were cases of tossing the Yu Sheng not only all over the table but on the face as well. 😯

To think on the hands is already sticky but on the face? Gosh. I didn’t take any photos this year. Maybe because there are no new members to the family and it doesn’t matter any more. Or maybe it’s the same people I’ve been putting up everytime and it does get boring after a while. I should explore other places to take photos to put up. I wonder if it’s a good time to visit Sentosa’s flowers exhibition. It’s ending on 25th Feb. A few days left.

Traditions are still observed such as eating soup dumplings on the 1st day, rice in the morning on the 2nd day, no clipping of nails on th 1st 2 days, staying up late on the eve, etc. I wonder if I will be able to keep them as time goes by.



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